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  Place walk-off mats at all entrances
The entry ways serve as gateways for pollutants entering a building. Walk off & adhesive mats to be placed at all the building entry way doors. A good facility maintenance program begins here. While traditional cleaning methods attempt to control this dirt after it enters and spreads throughout the interiors of a building. An effective housekeeping service focuses on trapping and removing contaminants at entryways itself. A cleaning schedule should be followed even for Mats on a regular basis, so that they don't become a source of soil / dirt themselves.
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  A Beyond-the-Surface Focus
The primary focus of most cleaning programs is to leave surfaces looking spotless and dirt free. However. dirt, bacteria, mold and other pollutants may not be seen, but they can certainly affect the indoor air quality. So, Eco – friendly cleaning programs or Green cleaning programs is most recommended to remove these harmful particles from the air. This practice can be followed even something as simple as a dusting cloth. For eg. An eco – friendly microfiber cloth captures dust, rather than just moving it around. These small measures ensure that the equipment and processes contribute to, rather than counteract, the effectiveness of your program.
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  Watch Out For Non – Compliance of Labour laws from Facility / Housekeeping companies
Misleading quotations and documents from low end service providers may lure customers for low prices. There are many players in the industry who mislead the customers or hook them with documents depicting labour compliance. The documentation relating to few staff with labour compliance will be circulated to all the clients. These types of practices are more disadvantageous to the principle client in long run, because the penalties from the labour department are very high.
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  General Carpet & Upholstery Care Guidelines

The single most important thing you can do in caring for your carpet is vacuuming thoroughly and frequently, especially in high-traffic areas. Movement on soiled carpet makes the soil particles get deep into the pile where they not only damage the fibers, but are difficult to remove. Frequent vacuuming removes many of these particles before this happens. Always use a good vacuum cleaner. The less expensive models pick up only surface dirt and do little to prolong the life or beauty of the carpet in the long run .

Vacuuming is effective in removing most of the dry soil from your carpets. However, periodic professional cleaning is highly recommended to remove the sticky soil that accumulates in the pile from tracked-in dirt & air pollution. If this type of soil is allowed to build up, it actually begins to attract and hold the dry soil. The more dirt on the carpet, the more damage to the carpet fibres.
Carpet in a corporate should be professionally dry foam cleaned once every 3 months & deep wet extraction treatment once every 6 months, and more often with high traffic or in areas of the country with high air pollution.                                                        
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  Health and Safety responsibility of contractor’s staff on the site
Though it is a joint responsibility,  the customer should take accountability  for every measure possible to make sure that the vendor is equipped and following the proper Quality, Health and Safety (QHS) measures as per the industry standards & guidelines.

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  Benefits of outsourcing
Reduce unnecessary staffing complications & problems.
Free your team from day-to-day process problems.
Utilising these personnel into the company’s core business
Since most of the services are under one roof, controlling of Operating Cost becomes easier.
Minimise Capital Expenditure & eliminate other operating cost
Can Improve Quality, Speed, & Service
Can provide Value added services
Benefit from the service provider's expertise in solving problems for different clients with similar requirements.
Avail advanced practices and market trend methodologies.
Avail the benefit of specialisation in a particular job.
Can benefit from the capital investments of the Vendor by using their machineries, equipments etc.,
Can Save on Manpower and training.
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