2020 Upcoming Trends in Specialised Cleaning Services in India

Companies offering specialised cleaning services have access to specialised and sophisticated tools and equipment that allow them to execute the unique cleaning services for commercial, industrial spaces as well as professional housekeeping services like carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, facade cleaning and corporate cleaning services. 

The Indian cleaning industry which spans both specialised cleaning services, as well as household cleaning options, is expected to grow at an unparalleled 22.74% compound annual growth rate in the next five years, starting from 2020. Therefore it is evident that a large portion of that will be encompassed by specialised cleaning services in India, which will also experience a windfall in the near future. 

Importance of Specialised cleaning services : The importance and essence of specialised cleaning services in India can be enumerated below.

  • A neat and clean environment reduces stress and increases concentration.
  • A clean and tidy workplace represents the organisational quality of the person or the authority.
  • The clean workplace limits distractions and increases the functional efficiency of the employees.
  • A clean workplace is effective in the prevention of diseases which could be caused by a place laden with dirt, dust, germs and other harmful microbial organisms.
  • A neat and clean workplace ensures the safety and sanctity of employees against numerous risks and hazards 

Prospects of the specialised cleaning industry in the upcoming decade : 

It is predicted that the specialised cleaning industry growth will occur at an unprecedented rate. The specialised cleaning industry and its associated services are expected to grow by at least 10% by the year 2026. In 2015, it was predicted that 2020 will witness the cleaning industry earn a huge revenue of about 46 billion dollars worldwide and thus the specialized cleaning industry of India will also reap massive amounts of benefit from this. The office cleaning and janitorial cleaning services have already outpaced their predictions and already reached 61 billion dollars alone in 2018 all across the world. 

This outstanding growth of the specialized cleaning sector is resulting in a large number of jobs being created in the services sector as well as the environmental hygiene sector. Office cleaning or corporate cleaning has the largest chunk of the specialized cleaning sector with educational cleaning coming in a close second position. 

Top trends in specialized cleaning sector which we will witness in 2020 :  The rapid expansion of the cleaning industry and the specialised cleaning services is resulting in the emergence of newer trends and patterns which will highlight the start of the new decade. These trends can be enumerated below.


  • Advancement in technology and use of smart cleaning devices – Just like the rest of the world, India is also looking to employ and engage the fruits of development in technology. The specialized cleaning sector will benefit hugely from the usage of smart cleaning devices as well as robots which will use up less energy and also perform their tasks with 100% accuracy. Customer satisfaction is also bound to increase with the Internet of Things being integrated into cleaning operations like floor cleaning, carpet scrubbing and etc. Other than efficient commercial cleaning solution, the robots and other smart cleaning devices will take up considerably less time and also allow cleaning businesses to expand their domains. India is on the verge of implementing smart cleaning solutions but on a very superficial level, which could just span the corporate sector and later expand to the other sectors.
  • Green Cleaning services – Not only are Green Cleaning services environment-friendly and help the specialised cleaning companies to significantly reduce their carbon footprints, but they are also sustainable practices and can lead to the minimisation of health problems to employees and cleaners by negating the usage of Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs and other harmful chemicals. India is also entering the league of developed nations and rapidly evolving economies and therefore needs to reduce the environmental impact it has through the introduction of various environmentally safe and secure practices and its specialised cleaning industry is no different. 
  • Secure Cleaning services – It has been predicted that secure cleaning services will dominate the specialised cleaning industry trends in 2020 in India as well as throughout the world. Secure cleaning implies that the commercial cleaning services and solutions are specifically trained in handling confidential information, scanning the premises, are extensively checked for background clearance and possess low levels of security clearance. Though the government sector is the one which is implementing the secure cleaning services currently, it is imminent that the private sector establishments will also resort to secure cleaning practices in the upcoming decade. 


Thus, these are the trends that the specialised cleaning industry of India is going to follow in the upcoming decade starting from 2020. Resorting to these trends will result in a cleaner India with a considerable responsibility towards its environment.

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