Absorbent compounds and their limitations in carpet cleaning and maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance is a subject of utmost importance. Carpets are ideal for improving the aesthetics and impression of the interior spaces of any property, be it residential or commercial. But often it is observed that these objects of beautifying the space become a hazard if not cared for or maintained properly.

Carpets become the repository for dirt, dust, fungus, mold and mildew and house harmful microbes and pathogenic organisms. Therefore it is essential that carpets be cleaned from time to time and maintained at regular intervals so that the indoor air quality does not deteriorate. But cleaning by employing the use of improper chemicals and solutions destroys the carpet fabrics. If that happens,  restorative processes should be applied or the carpets should be changed altogether. 

Absorbent compounds : 

Absorbent compounds are certain dry compounds which are employed in carpet maintenance operations. Since these are dry compounds, therefore the carpet cleaning and maintenance operations are essentially low-moisture methods.

These absorbent compounds work by absorbing the dry soil and dirt from the surface of the carpets. Thus these carpets are rendered clean and their appearance gets enhanced. This type of carpet cleaning and maintenance which employs the usage of absorbent compounds is generally effective for interim cleaning of indoor spaces. 

Limitations for using absorbent compounds in carpet cleaning and maintenance : 

Though there are few advantages of using absorbent compounds in carpet cleaning and maintenance, it is not free from its inherent inadequacies. The advantages of using absorbent compounds is that their mode of action is rapid and they employ low-moisture cleaning methods. The limitations of using absorbent compounds are discussed below. 

  • Absorbent compounds are used for scraping off the dirt and dust which resides in the topmost surface of the carpet. It takes care of the soil which gets deposited on the carpet fibres due to ample foot traffic. Absorbent compounds when applied over the soiled portion of the carpet, dries off immediately along with the soil and dirt and can be removed by brushing or with a dry cloth. Therefore, absorbent compounds cannot perform deep and thorough cleaning of carpets. They just perform superficial cleaning.
  • Because of their principle of action, absorbent compounds are generally employed  for interim cleaning purposes and not for deep cleaning of carpets. Cleaning methods which employ absorbent compounds could be used just to improve the appearance of the carpet before heavy-weight cleaning operations like hot water extraction or steam cleaning or deep cleaning using efficient chemicals, are employed. 
  • Using the correct absorbent compound is mandatory because the imperfect ones may result in blotches and stains which are difficult to remove. Absorbent compounds might also contain chemicals which might cause irritation and discomfort to the humans and the pets inhabiting the spaces where they have been used. 

Thus these are the limitations of the absorbent compounds. Keeping these in mind, absorbent compounds should be employed for interim and rapid carpet cleaning purposes and later more thorough cleaning operations should be employed for the same.

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