Case Study – Kitchen Fire

Minimizing the risk of accidental fires in a cafe

As a premium cleaning solutions provider, we helped the owners of a popular cafe to maximize efficiency of their commercial kitchen by inspecting fire hazards and reducing damage.

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Approximately 40% of all restaurant and hotel fires originate from the kitchen where about half of the fires start at the stove. In addition to the risk of injury, the cost of property and material damage can be significant. As their business grew exponentially, our esteemed client that manages one of the most reputed restaurant chains in India, found themselves with a need to inspect their commercial kitchen after a small fire accident. For Hindustan Facilities, the challenge was to inspect and reduce the risk of fire hazard.


In high-functioning commercial kitchens, cooking fumes contain grease and odours that accompany the extract air into the air ducts. If the kitchen exhaust system is not cleaned, the grease is collected in the ducts and on the thin blades of the heat exchanger. To ensure trouble-free operation and high efficiency of the heat exchanger, it is necessary to clean the extract air from grease. The Hindustan Facilities team executed a thorough inspection of all the kitchen appliances and air ducts to ensure purification of extract air. Combining that with demand-controlled ventilation, we could guarantee fire safety, high efficiency as well as reliable operation, making it possible to strongly reduce the kitchen’s energy needs.


Previously, the grease would stick to the inside of the duct, generating a greater fire hazard and higher maintenance costs. By scrubbing the extract air ducts, ventilation area, kitchen workstations, fryers and appliances, it was possible to give the ducts a lower fire classification.
Working closely with the client team to understand the kitchen operations and maximize efficiency, our team was able to give the exhaust system a lower fire classification and reduce potential risks. “Ventilation in our kitchen works like a charm now,” says the head chef. “The heat doesn’t get trapped in the ducts and we feel confident working around it”.

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