Could dirty carpets cause allergies

Could dirty carpets cause allergies?

There can be no doubt that indoor safety constitutes a very critical point of our daily lives, particularly when we are all trying to stay home to save ourselves from the pandemic. Though most of us love rugs and carpets, it is worthy to mention that dirty carpets and rugs would not just inflict those with allergies but also have an adverse impact on everyone’s health. This is due to the fact that some potentially dangerous elements can accumulate on the fabric and the worst part- these cannot be seen by the naked eye.

What can allergens do to your carpets?

Even though your healthcare provider is prescribing you to take decongestants and antihistamines, allergies tend to be very difficult to treat. And when you are absolutely clueless about what’s causing your unexplained irritation in the eyes, nose together with coughing and sneezing. 

Carpets and rugs easily trap different kinds of allergens like pollen, molds, pet dander, and dust mites which gradually sit on the deeper layers of carpet fibers. These are released to the air as we walk or sit on it. It goes without saying that children are more prone to develop allergies. This is because their immune system is still developing and their body is likely to have direct contact with the carpet as they play and run around on the carpet. 

Should you clean the carpet or replace them?

If your carpets are causing health troubles to many, then you might be tempted to throw away all your carpets. But you must understand that this is not an effective solution as it might leave the rooms to look unattractive. This is especially true in the case of commercial settings where carpets play a huge role in uplifting the decor of the place. But the good news is that professional carpet cleaning services can help you get rid of the pesky allergens without a fuss.

  1. Can hold dirt and grease: Oily residue from indoor along with pet hair is carried to the carpet and it gradually dried over there. This grease further attracts and locks in the dirt in the fibers of the carpet. With the passage of time, this dirt can end up altering the color of the carpet and be compounded. If it is left in such a condition, then it might even become permanent.
  2. Become trouble for eczema and rhinitis sufferers: The droppings of dust mites may trigger asthma attacks while trapping allergy inflaming protein. It causes eczema, rhinitis, and also asthma. Quite often people suffering from these health issues do not realize that their carpet requires professional cleaning to alleviate the condition. Also, dirty carpets can become trouble for otherwise healthy individuals.
  3. May become heavy with dirt: You will be surprised to know that carriers can hold 4 times the weight of the carpet and sometimes, even more. Carpets catch everything from dirt to dead skin cells to pet hair to insect husks and a lot more. The list is endless with bacteria, mold, pet hair, and volatile organic compounds. So, you must vacuum clean the carpet at least once a week and get it professionally cleaned once a year to make sure that allergens are completely removed.
  4. Can accommodate copious amounts of bugs: Carpeting is definitely one of the brightest features if any indoor space. But did you know that it can accommodate more bugs than your toilet seat? Owing to the huge traffic it has to encounter, carpets get pretty dirty with time. It is a hotspot for germs and can be 4000 times dirtier than bathroom commodes. It’s great to walk bare feet on the carpet but you should also consider the threat it poses to your family.
  5. Dirt can damage your carpets: With carpets, the general rule is that what you can’t see can do more damage than what you can. Whether in a commercial setting or a home, it is obvious that you ensure regular vacuuming of the carpets. But it is only effective in removing dirt and grime from the top layer only. But the moisture, mold, and deep-seated grit can cause more damage and also cut down the fibers of carriers if left unchecked. Placing carpets on high-traffic zones would eventually flatten the carpet due to the abrasion of fiber. 

So what is the solution? For most carpets, getting them cleaned from non-toxic and safe carpet cleaner is the best bet to protect them. In place of using harsh chemicals, most reputed carpet cleaners use eco-friendly products and best practices for protecting your carpets while removing all the dirt and grime that have been accumulating for a long time. With continued and regular deep cleaning, you can add a few more years to your carpet easily. 

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