Coronavirus has become a very serious and global health issue now. As of now, there are no vaccines or cure for it. The worst thing about it, it spreads through air and contact. That also happens to be a good thing as it makes prevention manageable.

Prevention is the only cure for managing the corona outbreak. In this particular case keeping your office clean and sanitized is one way to keep safe. 

How can carpet sanitization help? 

Being into business of professional carpet cleaning we can tell you with authority that carpets are the castle of pathogens. By there design, they lock in dirt and air-based pathogens in them, and once they get saturated with them, they begin to release pathogens back in the air. This is what makes dirty carpets a real threat under every scenario. They are lethal in case of corona if you ask us. 

Imagine someone with infection walking into your office and coughing and sneezing near your carpets. The droplets laden with coronavirus would get stored in the carpet fibers. Then when people walk on the same carpet, the virus gets released in the air with a higher catchment area. The threat is very real and taking chances here is not an option. 

Carpet sanitization is the only way out. Well, that’s a regular service but what makes it special now is the frequency with which it should be done. We recommend going for a carpet deep clean every week till the pandemic is over. Using a highly efficient carpet cleaning technique like steam cleaning is recommended. 

End Note

Coronavirus is a serious threat, due preventive measures should be taken. You just can’t ignore carpet cleaning under the given circumstances. Either get them sanitized or get rid of them, the choice is yours.

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