Deep Cleaning – The Pandemic View

We hope you have noticed the sudden rise in the demand for deep-cleaning services during the corona pandemic. People all over the world including India are really scared by the way things are shaping up. Covid-19 has taken all of us with a surprise unfortunately the only way out seems to be a precaution. As of now the doctors and the scientific community have not been able to find a definitive cure for the disease. Now the thing is that if prevention is only a cure then what is the definition of prevention in the current scenario? 

What are the preventive measures that one should take in a commercial setting for Corona Prevention?


With Over  92000 positive cases and over four thousand deaths, worldwide COVID-19 so far has proved to be a really deadly disease. The reason it is created so much Chaos is although the ratio of the virus is very low and Limited it does require 15 days of Quarantine for the suspected patients. What that means this you are your teammates if suspected to be COVID-19 positive, then you would definitely lose 15 days of your work time. That is only when you are not positive in case you get positive with the disease then this time could get even get extended further. Although there is nothing more important and valuable than human life still the economy of a country is based on the amount of hard work and smart work we put in on a daily basis.

Here is the list of precautions that one must take while in Office:-


Get your desk deep cleaned 

We all love neat and tidy desks, that is a basic thing to do. But during the CORONA Pandemic cleaning your desk is not enough. Now you need to get it deep cleaned. That is something that only the professionals can do. In short, you would need professional deep cleaning services for desks. Your typical work desk is a mix of things. Laptops, mobile phones, books, notepad, and other papers are common elements that are found on your desk. They just cannot be sprayed with disinfection liquid. They need to be sanitized though as CORONA Virus does live for a significant amount of time on surfaces. Professional desk Desk cleaning agencies would use UV light to sanitize your desk. Before that, they would thoroughly clean your desk in a regular way too.

Using Disposable Items 

Getting things deep cleaned is one end of the story. Keeping things safe is another. One must encourage the use of disposable items like wipes, masks, gloves, and drinking water cups. This would ensure that even if someone infected has used the common resources the infection would still be contained to a greater extent.

Make Contact Less Hand Sanitization Stations

These are pretty common now. We also provide such elements to our clients. Just ask us in case you want some for your office too. Strategically placing the hand sanitization stations will add an additional layer of security in your office. Apart from this, it is also vital to provide everyone in your team with a hand sanitizer bottle. Encourage using it every 30 mins while in office.



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