Do Carpets Get Dirty Quickly After Cleaning

On checking many carpet cleaning forums online we came across a very curious topic being discussed. Many people complaint that they have experienced that after professional carpet cleaning their carpets gets dirty quickly. Now this came as a surprise to us. None of our customers have flagged such a complaint ever. So, what could be wrong. So many people cannot be complaining about the same thing wrong.

This was the moment when our professional instincts got woken up and we wanted to do some Sherlock Holmes on this one. It did not take us long to find the answer to this problem. Well as we found out, there was truth in what people were saying. Many people would hire carpet cleaners on blind faith that they are professionals. The truth is that most of the so called professionals have poorly trained manpower and resoiling of the carpet so soon after cleaning is the end product of that.

If the carpets are not cleaned properly, then they surely will get dirty very quickly. Here are some of the reasons for that.

Ignoring Vacuuming Before Steam Cleaning

Either due to lack of knowledge or pure ignorance, some of the so called professional carpet cleaners will forget to vacuum the carpet before steam cleaning. Vacuuming loose particles before steam cleaning is very important. If these loose particles (dry soil) are not removed, they can wick back up to the surface when the carpet dries. This will give the appearance of the carpet becoming dirty again when the carpet dries.

Using Wrong Solution

At times carpet cleaners are poorly trained and are not aware of which material or solution to use for carpet cleaning. Using the wrong one would clean all the other dirt and dust but would leave the oily dirt behind. In other words not all cleaning solutions can take care of tar and oil that might be stuck in your carpet. So, as a result this residual oily substance will attract dirt very quickly and soil the carpet.

Ignoring Pre-Spray Process

Pre-spraying is a very vital process. To save time, some carpet cleaners put the detergent into the cleaning solution being used. This leaves a lot of the detergent on the carpet after the cleaning has been done. As a result, the carpet is sticky and attracts dust and other particles allowing the carpet to become dirty quickly after cleaning. For this reason, we always pre-spray the detergent before cleaning. In addition to not leaving a sticky residue, it also gives time for the detergent to work before the steam cleaning starts.

Improper Rinsing

There is a rinsing process involved even if your carpets are not washed. If it is not followed properly then residue might still get stuck to the carpet, hence attracting more and more dirt giving a look that carpet has not been cleaned properly.

Too Much Water

A professional carpet cleaner would put water to judicial use if using it at all. Most of the modern carpet cleaning methods now use water minimally if needed. However an inexperienced person might overuse it hence rendering the entire cleaning process useless. This also could lead to the carpet attracting dirt quickly post cleaning.


As a professional carpet cleaning company, we would request our readers to please do some background check on the carpet cleaning company that you are going to hire. Failure to do so will surely lead in bad carpet cleaning experience.

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