Granite Floors and their Professional maintenance

When it comes to flooring options, there is a lot of expensive as well as reasonably priced products utilising which, one can design and construct their desired floors. Granite is often the natural choice for flooring in washrooms as well as toilets. Granite is a durable and extremely resilient, strong natural stone and displays a prolific resistance to high temperatures and acidic environments. Granite is also a naturally suitable option for flooring as it discourages the proliferation and growth of microbes. The granite flooring is easy to wipe and clean as well as maintain the polish and is even resistant to stain as well as scratches. Granite is even non-porous if proper sealing is applied. All of these features make granite the perfect flooring material for washrooms as well as for wall tops, bathtub surrounds and vanity tops. 

Though granite flooring displays an amazing polish when in a finished state, it is often a bad choice or recommendation for toilets and bathroom spaces. This is because the wet granite floor may be susceptible to slips and falls. Therefore it is quite challenging at times to choose the right granite for bathroom and toilet installations and flooring. 

Assessing the current condition of the granite :

Assessing the present condition of the natural granite tile is a very crucial initial step after which the other procedures may start. A checklist of pertinent questions and queries would be able to answer the current condition of the granite. They may be summarised below.

  • Are the granite tiles flat and even 
  • Are there fissures and cracks present 
  • What type of granite finish exists in the installation or tile 
  • Has the granite been coated with any form of waxes, acrylics, enhancers, or any other coatings 
  • Is there any evidence of staining and if yes, then identifying the type of staining that exists 
  • If the granite has been sealed with a topical sealer while it has been installed and also hunting for any sign of wear and tear of the sealer 

The answers to these and other pertinent questions will help identify the condition of the granite.

Requirements for professional granite cleaning :

If the client is convinced that he needs to go for professional granite cleaning then he should search in and around the locality for stone warehouses and fabricators and obtain relevant recommendations and references. It is essential to hire an experienced and professional granite cleaning expert because granite restoration and cleaning granite floor and countertops is a specialised job and it is not a task for any rookie.

Ways to clean granite professionally :

The steps to cleaning granite floors, countertops and installations are systemic in nature. They can be enumerated below.

  • For cleaning granite floors and countertops it is essential that only those products which are safe for usage on stone should be used.
  • If the granite is dull or waxy all over then it certainly means that the cleaning methods used in the past have been faulty. Using waxes or polish or any kind of coatings might have easily dulled, scuffed or cause yellowish stains on granites and they are bad for the stone.
  • If a wax or any kind of coating is present on the granite surface, then a De-Greaser or a Wax Remover or a Stripper can be used to remove the waxes or coatings as these are excellent for hard and resilient surfaces like granite.
  • If the granite is dulled or waxy in certain portions then it might be due to excessive foot traffic, that too over a span of more than ten years as granites are naturally tough stones and are not easily eroded. 
  • If DIY cleaning is desired, though not advisable, then mixing proportionate amount of water and baking soda and wiping the floor clean is the best option. Mixing a little bit of rubbing alcohol with water and pH balanced soap can also be an easy solution.

These are the best options for maintaining and cleaning granite floors professionally. Expert care is always recommended for these kind of usages.

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