Granite Maintenance :DIY

The floor at your place is a kind of luxurious investment that you did and expect reliable long-term service in return. With a little care and maintenance, you can achieve this.

Granite floors are known for their distinct crystal patterns which gives them a regal elegance. Its durability and resistance towards stains and heat make it more demandable in the market.

How to maintain it?

It has to go through a lot of foot traffic and placing a heavy object on it, can damage it.

It is preferred to re-apply the sealant at least once a year to retain the shine and beautiful appearance of the floor.

Apart from this, there are several ways that are recommended to perform periodically to maintain the granite floor.

  1. Keep an eye on the edges of the tile
    Even small chips in the tile can result in the crack later on. If you find so, then change it immediately.
  1. Clean up spills carefully
    The thick particles of dirt and mud are can easily make starches on the floor. Apart from this, if something is dropped on the tile, then it has to be swept up as soon as possible.
  2. Clean it on a daily basis
    Daily dry-mopping is the best way to make sure the cleanliness of the granite floor. This won’t let the dust particles to get accumulated with the surface of the tile and degrade its shine.
    Prefer warm distilled water with cleaner for routine cleaning. If the floor is just a little bit dirty then try to wash it first with the help of warm water and microfibre cloth.
  3. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners and bleach
    Every marble posses some specific properties on the basis of which the cleaning treatment is implemented. Don’t use clean and other harmful abrasive to clean the granite floor. You should be concerned with the manufacturer and then go with the approved granite cleaner.
  4. Dry the floor thoroughly  to prevent it from the water spots
    Always prefer a soft cloth to dry the granite in a circular motion, it will not let the water droplets to leave spots after the cleaning process.

Just keep in mind the above-mentioned steps, and yes do call a professional stone floor cleaning company like us for proper upkeep of your granite floors.

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