Granite vs Marble – Which stone is easy to maintain for flooring purpose

Since time immemorial, when humans built a shelter over their heads, they started innovating different materials to construct the lower surface that they would tread upon.

Though the concept of flooring is dependant on both climatic as well as topographical factors, here the concentration will be mostly on the properties erected within or around the urban areas and the choice of flooring taking these properties into consideration.

As it seems, the main and the most popular items that are frequently used in flooring for urban structures can be broadly categorized into two :

  • Marble 
  • Granite 

These choices, though best suited are also dependant upon factors like the rooms they will be installed or the presence of pets and children on the property.

Let us do a comparative study on the above-mentioned options that we have considered.


Granite :


Granite being a light cooled igneous rock by nature has tremendous hardness, is resilient and more resistant to foreign absorbs

Granite exhibits a spectrum of resplendent colors and stratifications and patterns that would render great color to the flooring.

Granite can be used for flooring purposes immediately after purchasing their units.

The general cost is more than either marble or tiles, and installation is expensive too.

The maintenance of Granite floors is easier when pitted against any other flooring options.

Granite flooring is not susceptible to any kind of scratches or mild breakages as it is extremely tough.

Granite flooring is resistant to acid wash and rough usage.

If the budget permits, the client or the builder can opt for anti-skid granite also. It does not contain an extremely polished surface and hence the anti-skid property would aid in the movement of aged persons.


Marble :


Marble is a soft, stratified, sedimentary rock.

The initial installation of marble for flooring is more complicated than granite and has to be polished thereafter.

One huge advantage for marble flooring is that through proper maintenance and refurbishment the lost glaze can be retrieved, as good as new.

Though the cost is less than that of granite, the installation cost of marble is variable and quite high.

Marble is even resistant to scratches but not as tough as granite.

Marble is sedimentary in nature and possesses numerous layers or strata which impart a strange visual appeal.


Environmental considerations :


No matter where the stones are installed for flooring, the external climatic conditions do not really influence the type of flooring used. Marble imparts coldness to the floors and hence is suitable for installation in places that are hot and humid. Granite can opt for flooring purposes in places that experience cold weather.


Though choosing the ideal component for flooring is dependant on personal choices, a few factors should be borne in mind that might have some impact on the flooring type.

Maintenance and cleaning is a major issue, where marble scores high. Though if it is maintenance post damage, granite can be declared as the more preferable one.

Rough usage can be done with granite because it is extremely tough.

Affordability is a major concern as one flooring type, specifically, granite has huge initial cost as well as installation and other recurring costs in the future. When pitted against its competitor, marble, on the other hand, has comparatively lower cost as a flooring material itself. Buy the installation cost of marble while constructing the floors is variable and might even be very high or reasonable, depending on the people responsible for doing the job.

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