How 3M Scotchgard Treatment Can Help You

If you are a mall or a multiplex owner or even a big hotelier. Extending the life of your furniture is one of the areas which should have your focus. Well as we know that furniture has two components, one is the fixture part which also encompasses the material by which your furniture is made. Other is the upholstery which adds a sheen to the looks of the place.

Having a busy workplace where guests are coming like a multiplex needs some special maintenance and care when it comes to extending the life of chairs and sofas. Adults and Kids both have a chance of spilling drinks and food sauces over the upholstery of the furniture. Spill stains are difficult to remove. Only timely intervention can save your fabric from permanent damage. Note the word timely here. As a multiplex owner you also know that its practically possible to check all the seats and chairs of your facility after a show. This means that there is a very remote chance that you will ever detect a spill stain on time.

Do we have a solution to this problem?

Yes, we do ! Its called 3M Scotchgard treatment.

Cleaning professionals use the 3M product Scotchgard, a water-repelling protectant, to protect upholstery and rugs from spills. However, if you prefer to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional cleaning service, Scotchgard makes an aerosol spray called Fabric and Upholstery Protector. When you spray your furniture with Scotchgard, spilled liquid simply beads up on the surface for easy clean-up. If you have children, pets or white or light-colored furniture, a can of Scotchgard is a wise investment.

(source: Sfgate)

We will not be discussing the DiY mode here, because somethings are better left to professionals. Anyways, it is also not practically possible for a multiplex owner to hire dedicated staff for such jobs.

Coming to the point, what does 3M Scotchgard treatment does? Well its a protective solution which makes the fabric on your furniture practically liquid resistant. Hence the spill will never enter your fabric, so there would be no stain to worry about.

Here are the steps involved:

  • The first step is to vacuum the furniture well. This takes care of dirt and dust on the fabric which can hamper the effectiveness of the product. A special cleanser made by 3M is applied to take care of the initial cleaning process.
  • The main product is applied professionally, and is allowed to rest and dry. Drying time might vary according to the location of the furniture.
  • A second coat is then applied to complete the procedure.

3M Scotchgard is one of the best products that can be used to protect your furniture fabric. We are the authorised 3M Scotchgard applicators. In case you need to know more, then please write to us or call us.


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