How can Bio-odours be effectively removed off from carpets

Though carpets are installed for enhancing the appearance and outlook of a space, they might become the ultimate cause for concern if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. An unclean carpet might become the repository of dirt, dust and disease-causing pathogens; exposure to which would mandatorily cause health issues to the people and pets inhabiting those spaces. 

Removing Odor: an uphill task in carpet maintenance

Apart from the musty smell that might develop on a carpet due to prolonged overwetting and accumulation of water, bio-odour might also develop on the carpets. If the carpets are installed in a space which is laden with the smell of pets and domestic animals, then these objectionable smell automatically settle on the carpet. Having a pet or a domestic animal in the household also leads to the development of such smells and therefore should be tackled regularly in order to prevent its sustenance and proliferation. 

Getting rid of the odour caused by urination :

Removing urine odour is a laborious task. Getting rid of the urine odour from carpeting and flooring is an insurmountable work and can be achieved using enzyme-based pet odour remover cum cleansing agent. The area which is covered in the urine should be soaked well and almost excessively using the enzyme-based cleaner and it should be left to work for a prolonged period. The cleaning and drying operation should be given a lot of time because that will eradicate the objectionable smell with maximum precision. If these enzyme-based cleaners are not available, then the same operation can be performed by soaking the area in vinegar, applying baking soda solution over it and finally applying colour safe bleaches to get rid of the smell. 

Mode of action of Enzyme based cleaners :

Enzymes remove biological odours by causing a chemical reaction. Primarily Proteases and Amylases are most commonly used in carpet cleaning operations, to remove adamant pet odours from the carpets. Most of the protein related stains and odours, for example, urine, can be effectively removed by altering their compositions using Proteases or Amylases, because they are food-based and catalyse the morphing of the physical properties of the stains. 

Proteases are the most effective as they remove protein-based odours like urine, feces, blood, and hence all types of biological odours. Even odours resulting from beverage and food can be effectively tackled using proteases. This enzyme breaks down proteins into more manageable substances and therefore makes it easy to get removed from the solution. 

Bacterial action : 

Often it is observed that bacteria are responsible for the malodor in the biological smells and stains. Enzyme based cleaning products digest or consume these organic odors causing bacteria and convert them into easily removable substances. 

There are certain enzyme-based products which release a lot of useful bacteria which assimilate various protein molecules from the organic stain and remove their obnoxious odour. More than 40,000 bacteria can be employed in such a product. 

Desperate measures when nothing seems to work : 

At times, especially in the case of cat urine, the removal of odor is the toughest. The only way to get rid of that odour is to remove the carpet or the flooring so that other pets are not attracted to the same place and prevent it from being resoiled. 

Sprinkling baking soda on areas which observe high pet traffic can have a miraculous effect in freshening up the room before cleaning operations are performed. This is an effective household technique for removing organic odours. 

On the other hand, professional cleaning services which employ hot water extraction technique or steam cleaning can be employed to obtain deep cleaning of carpets. 

Thus it is true that bio odours are obnoxious and should be removed with the utmost care and precision using proven techniques. 

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