How can Spot Removal help in improving the durability of your carpets

Spot Removal is an excellently effective technique which is employed for carpet cleaning operations and work with utmost precision. Spot Removal technique of cleaning carpets is often used by professional carpet maintenance and cleaning companies and even at homes. 

Important features of the Spot Removal technique : 

Understanding the reason and nature of the spot is a key element in the Spot Removal technique. It can help immensely in removing the spot and stain with utmost efficiency. Most of the spots are created by : 

  • Spills of some kind 
  • Tracking soils from any place, especially from outside or
  • Any kind of accident, like vomiting. 

Following a few steps can help in efficient spot removal, with a level of finesse that can be matched professionally. These steps should be followed to prevent any kind of damage that might happen if not executed at the proper time. If that happens then patching a carpet or replacing it entirely is the only feasible option. 

The different steps to execute the Spot Removal technique : 

The different steps to execute the Spot Removal technique can be enlisted below. 

  • Removal of the maximum amount of stain or spot at the first pretext is the most important step. Employing a clean wet or dry vacuum or a carpet shampooer can ease the process of removing the maximum portion of the spill. Taking care of the maximum amount of the spill is possible using a white or terry cloth towel alone.  Scrubbing is not advisable as it will cause permanent and irreversible damage to the carpet. 
  • Using water as much as possible is extremely beneficial for the texture and durability of the carpet. Harsh cleaners should be avoided and instead, warm water, below 200 degrees Fahrenheit, should be used. Warm water should be gently sprayed or poured on the spot and afterwards, should be soaked by a clean and wet or dry vacuum. Flushing deep spills or blotting using a towel can get rid of liquid stains effectively. 
  • After rinsing with water, spraying a jet of powered water can help in getting rid of extremely adamant stains of oily substances, grease stains and other non-water soluble spills. 
  • Removing odours and organic stains are possible using cleaning agents that employ encapsulating polymers that create a crust on the stain or spot and can be finally removed after vacuuming. 
  • A blend of Neutral cleaners and volatile dry solvents helps in the removal of adamant stains like that of grease, oil, ink etc. A small amount of this cleaning agent should be applied on the spot and then blotted using a dry towel. Rubbing is strictly unadvisable. 

The basic feature of Spot Removal technique : 

These are the few steps that should be applied for efficient spot removal. Spot Removal technique helps in the conservation of the quality and texture of the carpet’s fabric. This increases the lifespan of the carpets and enhances their durability. Thus Spot Removal can be successfully used for commercial and professional purposes as well as within residential premises.

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