How Clean Carpets In Hotels Impresses Its Guests?

Carpet cleaning and maintenance form a very important constituent in the hotel and hospitality industry. Being a part of the housekeeping department, the proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets ensure a magnificent atmosphere in the hotel premises thereby attracting both the in-house guest and outsider and hence boosting the financial gain of the organization. It also promotes customer satisfaction and would thus result in positive testimonials from the guests which would augment the goodwill of the organization.

An unclean carpet acts as a repository to dust, dirt, particulates and a host of other allergens that damage the air quality and worsen the physiological conditions of the personnel associated with such an unclean carpeted environment. An unclean carpet is seen to have a lot of negative health outcomes including respiratory tract and nasal tract irritation and subsequent inflammation, irritation of the mucous membranes and eyes, asthma, etc.
The ultimate priority of a hotel business is to stay in the good books of its customers by ensuring a neat and suave delivery of amenities and services as well as a prime maintenance of the premises that would boost visual attraction and would prompt admiration from the customers.

Therefore an unclean carpeted space that impairs air quality and affects the health of the personnel associated that may be staff, attendants or the guest themselves, is not a welcome option. Every establishment or organization is prone to be judged and handed reviews on the basis of the services they provide. Apart from the fact that this is some positive validation to stay in the business, the reviews are indispensable as positive feedback promotes the business and causes financial gain.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, even hotel guests simply resort to online reviews for a wholesome idea on the hotel’s amenities, with cleanliness being one of the foremost parameters to be gauged. The size of the hotel is relatively inconsequential compared to the cleanliness it harbors in its premises and lobbies and the management should thus invest time and financial resources to meet the cleanliness expectations of the guests during their stay.

A lot of reasons can be enumerated as to why a hotel should pay attention to great details in the maintenance and handling of carpets, Namely:

● Clean and dust free carpets create a positive impression through their visual appeal in the minds of potential customers
● It ensures cleanliness within the hotel premises
● It is in itself a great use of the temporal and financial investment

Clean carpeted interiors would ensure that the carpets would be protected from being soiled and also to improve the air quality and indoor ambiance. A routine carpet maintenance cycle which would include daily carpet inspection to interim carpet maintenance and recuperative cleaning and finally restorative carpet maintenance using a skilled workforce is essential to ensure the desired appearance of carpets.

Not only does this portion of sustainable hygiene management of hotels promote the well-being and satisfaction of its guests, but it also promotes the self-image of the hotels and the professional maintenance also increases the service life of the concerned amenity. The first impression counts. Clean and well-maintained carpeting in a hotel prompts excellent guest satisfaction which creates a big impact on the customer base to choose the same hotel in the future, thereby elevating the business to a new level.

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