How dirty can offices really be?

Offices or workplaces are considered the sanctum of professionals. People who serve different organizations, companies, entities, institutions or any other bodies or even manage them or authorize over them, have offices as the place to perform their necessary duties.

An office space may range from a warehouse or a godown to a posh, elegantly designed room with automated facilities to even cubicles that separate the spaces of the employees and segregate their positions. As it may seem, the aesthetics of office space means a lot to the employees and the workers inhabiting that particular office space.

The positives of a clean office environment :

The ambiance, cleanliness, and aesthetics bring out the best performance from each employee. This is a fact that has been scientifically proven and bolstered furthermore that the presence of clean and picturesque office or workplace soothes the minds of the workers and helps them to focus on their work more efficiently, thus deriving the maximum amount of productivity from them. Research shows that certain shades of colors are also extremely conducive to uplifting the spirits of the workers and provide them with positive vibrations. These, in turn, boost their creativity and productivity. 

The presence of potted plants, trees, and greenery, in general, is also a major boost to an office or a workplace. Efficiently integrating the building structures with the optimum greenery that one can provide, causes a huge positive shift in the mentality of the workers and all the inhabitants of the workplace in general.

Greenery is slowly becoming endangered from the face of the planet and the consequences can be comprehended from the environmental disturbances and ecological decadence. Thus it might prove extremely beneficial in imparting a part of nature in the form of plants and the like in office spaces. They purify the air, taking in the toxic gases and giving out Oxygen which is the most important gas that supports life and living organisms.

Problems associated with a dirty office :

A dirty office space is not just visually repulsive, it also raises major questions on the reputation of the person or the organization in authority. This could affect the clients as also the employees negatively and gradually this negative mindset may be expressed in a financial statement furnished by the company. These problems can be generally classified as :


  • Initial impression: Often, in the professional world, it has been observed that the first and foremost impressions prove to be the only lasting impression that stays throughout the professional history between companies or organizations. An overall level of disorganization, clutter, accumulated dirt and such might create an impression that this is the level of commitment that the firm in concern applies to its various operations.
  • Physical impact: A dirty office or workplace will prove to be a far more serious concern to its own employees and workers instead of prospective clients and customers. The germs, allergens, dirt, dust and other accumulated particles will render the ambient air quality unsafe. This unclean workplace will be a natural attraction for pests and insects. This kind of a mess might be a severe blow to the employees as they might fall sick and succumb to illness due to this kind of an unsafe and unclean environment.


Sick employees might mean loss of business worth a lot of money for the organization. Hence the cleanliness of offices should be a top priority if economic prosperity is crucial.


  • Mental health: Apart from direct physical implications, clutter, dirt, and dust seriously affect the mental health of employees; decelerating their productivity and increasing mental stress.


To counter all of the above negativities, regular office cleanings should be performed with deep cleanings done after certain intervals. This keeps the morale of the workers high along with good physical attributes and ensures productivity as well as financial stability for the organization.

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