How escalators are cleaned professionally

Though newer transport technologies have been replacing the older ones, escalators are those pieces of efficient transport that can be spotted in every important as well as prestigious places. Being said so, escalators have their own unique applicability. Escalators are particularly suitable for places where elevators and lifts would not be such conducive modes of transport. 

Escalators are basically nothing but a motor-driven chain of individually linked pairs of tracks that run in a cyclic fashion across a belt. One of the tracks is upward bound whereas the other climb downwards. This effectuates the appearance of a moving staircase that transports people and goods from a particular elevation to the other.

Effect of unclean escalators :

Since the escalators have been compulsively used in public facilities like airports, subways and even tourist and customer destinations like hotels, shopping malls, and departmental stores; their visibility quotient is high. It often happens that the people who enter such facilities or places for their individual interests are not at all bothered about the overall clean ambiance of the place they have entered. 

This might be due to the fact that the large magnitude or scale of the place would immediately decrease their concern about overall hygiene. But if the escalator tracks are smudged, smeared, muddy or in any way unclean; it immediately catches the attention of the patrons who visit such places. A visually repulsive escalator may have such a negative psychological impact upon the individual, that it may force the person to exit the place altogether.

Challenges of cleaning an escalator : 

  • Escalators are not flat surfaces. They do not resemble the floors. Instead, they are inclined staircases that are always on the move. Hence they require specific products and equipment for cleaning purposes.
  • There are grooves present in the treads as well as risers within the escalator tracks. These act as a cache to the amount of accumulated dirt due to the regular number of living as well as inanimate transport that goes on there.
  • Architects plan escalators of varying aesthetics. They might be spiral, straight, broadened at places and even narrow at the others. The engineers erect those escalators accordingly. But these might provide unique and customized problems for the members of the cleaning staff. 
  • The method of cleaning an escalator should be in synchronization with the cleaning cost. It might happen that the cleaning cost is unbelievably high and hence the escalators might either be cleaned superficially or left as they are.
  • The cleaning time of an escalator is very important. This is because, during this span, the motor that drives the tracks to remain closed and the escalator remains motionless for the time being. This might cause some disturbances in conveyance. 

Solutions to escalator cleaning :

To counter the above-mentioned problems, it is best to employ an expert in this area of serviceability. The experts and professionals would initially chalk out a plan, that would involve the duration of cleaning and the most ideal time during which it can be done so as to avoid disruptions to people who would like to avail the escalator.

The next and most important step would be the choice of equipment required for cleaning purposes. The equipment should ideally be dry because fluids may seep through; creating a slimy, greasy appearance on the escalator tracks.

Modern technologies have also evolved which uses specialized magnetic brushes to pull out the accumulated dirt and dust.

Mechanized cleaning processes that clean the escalators in a foolproof manner, just by utilizing the motion of the escalators, have also arrived in the market. 

These above-mentioned processes may help clean the escalators professionally and regular maintenance of the escalators would increase their longevity and cut the additional cost of time to time cleaning.

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