How modern carpets keep carpet maintenance low

Carpets are considered one of the most indispensable items of home decor which have been passed on through centuries. Carpets generally used to have intricate designs and motifs which would actually depict different legends and lores of yore. History and architectural evidence trace the link between the expensive Persian carpets; synthesized out of the classiest materials, and the tales that testify to their fame. 

Though primarily composed of natural fibers that are plush yet extremely expensive and not highly durable, these days carpets are being manufactured out of synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester. 

Types of carpet fibers: 

 Based on the methods by which the carpet fibers are attached to their backing, the different styles of carpet construction are available.


  • Loop Pile: It is that style of carpeting that consists of fibers bent into little loops and is durable, stain-resistant and possessing a low profile and restricted cushioning. It consists of 2 types. Level loop or Berber displays short loops that stand out to endure a high volume of traffic. Multi-level loops have fibers of variable heights that render a unique pattern on the carpet.
  • Cut Pile: This style of carpet construction is devoid of loops and has the yarn tips cut off. These are softer and denser than Loop Pile carpets. There are numerous types of cut pile carpets. Plush has a smooth and evenly textured formal appearance. Saxony has a smooth feel but the longer fibers allow footprints to linger and furniture to create a dent. The textured cut pile consists of fibers of uneven length to produce rough surface texture. Frieze carpet consists of long fibers and is not suited to high traffic areas. Cable carpet consists of long, thick fibers and feels comfortable underfoot. 
  • Cut and Loop: Cut and Loop type of carpets consist of both loop and cut yarns and has the best qualities of both types combined in one. It is dirtproof and stain-resistant.


Based on the variety of fibers, both natural and synthetic, carpets can be summarised into the following types.


  • Nylon: This type of carpet fiber is durable, extremely resistant to wear and tear, but not much resistant to stains and hence stain-resistant carpet treatment should be applied. It is one of the most popular fibers employed in carpeting.
  • Olefin: It is a type of fiber which is tougher than nylon but is not as comfortable underfoot. It is mold, moisture and mildew resistant and is applicable for carpeting in basements and outdoors. 
  • Acrylic: This type of carpeting fiber is not highly popular but is a cheaper alternative to wool.
  • Wool: It is a natural cum eco-friendly fiber and is a durable and stain-resistant yet an expensive option.


Applications of carpeting in different spaces :

The installation of carpets leads to the receiving of a number of discernible advantages. 

  • Carpet undeniably improves the beauty and enhances the appearance of any type of flooring on which it is installed. An embellished carpet design augments the professional image in case of a commercial building. The office décor, office professionalism, and office appearance create an indelible impression in the minds of the people who visit these commercial spaces. 
  • Carpet creates huge insulation of noise. In domestic and residential.buildings as well as commercial organizations, there is the presence of a large number of people continuously interacting as well as going about their daily business.

The ringing of phones and continuous movement of staff within any office environment increases the noise level that causes hindrance and disruption in the efficiency of the staff and creates an impediment to proper communication. Carpet provides an excellent solution in controlling the loud and objectionable sounds in the office and provides assistance in enhancing productivity.

  • Carpet is a healthy floor covering option as it acts as the best air filter in the building in which it is installed. Carpet acts as a repository to air pollutants, dust, allergens, detrimental microbes and toxins and contains all the molecules in its fibers. Regular carpet maintenance minimizes stains and improves indoor air quality.

Organic or natural fibers make the carpeting option eco-friendly. Thus carpeting is also a sustainable option.

  • Carpet is an extremely cost-efficient flooring option. Proper carpet maintenance and regular scheduling of cleaning operations extend the life expectancy of carpet. Consulting with a professional and expert commercial carpet cleaning agency who has a consistently good reputation with commercial contracts, allows the client to put their trust in the fact that the carpets are cleaned with utmost dexterity. All carpeted floor areas should be mandatorily cleaned following a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to maintain the maximized appearance of the interior.
  • Carpet appearance management proves easy and feasible. While scheduling the frequency of carpet cleaning was done, notice was carefully observed to calculate the foot traffic, outside entryways, type and style of fiber, future plans of the space where the carpets are installed and for future budget allocations. There are professional ways and systems to keep carpet looking good and uniform all the time and depending on the durability of carpets, the maintenance plans can be scheduled in a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual manner.

Ways in which modern carpets keep carpet maintenance low : 

Modern carpets are generally manufactured out of synthetic fibers like Nylon and Polypropylene or Olefin. Nylon is a more expensive carpeting option when compared to Olefin. In both of these fibers, the solution dye technology arrests the stains which could be adamant otherwise. But Nylon provides better protection against allergens, pathogens, and microorganisms than Olefin. The texture of the fibers contains the molecules and doesn’t let them escape.

All these synthetic fibers provide better protection than organic or natural fibers which are inherently more comfortable and more expensive.

Therefore modern carpets keep carpet maintenance costs to a minimum. The carpet maintenance schedules can be planned on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis for synthetic fibers whereas the same can cause huge accumulation of dirt and dust in organic carpets and thus prove detrimental to the indoor air quality. Thus it is beneficial to install modern carpets in any type of residential, domestic and commercial buildings to minimize the carpet maintenance and cleaning costs.

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