How Much Money Can Floor Maintenance Save You In A Year ?

Cleaning and maintenance of commercial buildings, as well as households, often overlook the portion of floor maintenance. Floor maintenance is of paramount importance when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of buildings. One of the best ways to ensure the longevity of floors of a building is to design an effective plan with the cleaning company that will decide how and when preventive floor maintenance will occur in addition to regular cleaning and mopping services.

Floor replacement is something synonymous with gigantic expenses. Even if the organization manages to get away with the partial replacement of its building’s flooring, still the expenses are quite high. Particularly, in areas of the high traffic that exhibit high occupancy rates, preventive maintenance is the best option of floor maintenance. It is known to save a significant amount of money in the long run, cut down additional costs and improve the financial bottom line.

Care and Cleaning :
Proper cleaning and maintenance practices add years to an existing floor. A person or a team employed in floor cleaning and maintenance should adopt small tips to smart cleaning solutions and keep in mind that appropriate care, cleaning, and periodic maintenance will protect the investment that they have made in that particular flooring.

Stain Removal :
A floor does not look visually appealing if it is covered in stains. Hence stain removal should be made a mandatory part of the cleaning and maintenance procedure in order to identify adamant stains and get rid of them.

Tips for Maintenance :
A floor is bound to give satisfaction to the occupants for years to come but only if it has been maintained in great shape. There are a few common sense precautions that will make the maintenance of a floor easy and amplify its longevity.

Keeping Doormats at Entrances:
Keeping doormats at entrances keep dirt, sand, grime, grit and other substances like oil, asphalt, etc from being tracked onto the floor. Precautions while moving heavy objects: Often objects are so heavy that they cannot be heaved from a place and transported to another place. Instead, the objects are dragged, slid or rolled across the floor. But doing so without any adequate protection on the floor might damage the flooring and as a result, might prove to be exceedingly costly. Therefore proper precaution should be taken, underneath the heavy objects, so that sliding, rolling or dragging does not create any uncalled for marks or scratches or other kinds of damage and does not result in financial loss.

Keeping Curtains or Blinds Closed:
Keeping curtains or blinds closed protects the floor from sunlight and heat as well as propagating germs. The floor might act as a repository to dust and germs thus resulting in the spread of illness. Whereas, sunlight and heat might often cause discoloration of the floor. While the second phenomenon is directly associated with monetary loss, the former one is indirectly associated with the same. Dirt, dustand germs are the causative agents of a variety of diseases and hence will cause a huge financial loss on the part of the occupants. The discoloration will affect the need of re-coloration which will again spike the expenses.

Furniture With Floor Protectors:
For increased resistance against crushing and denting, furniture should be supported with wide-bearing, nonstaining floor protectors. The heavier the furniture is, broader should be the floor protector, conventionally. Special care should be taken while choosing metal floor protectors to ensure that they are rust-proof.

Routine cleaning and maintenance :
Routine care and maintenance are essential to maximizing the beauty and life of the flooring. Over time, normal foot traffic and soiling will cause a change in the flooring’s appearance. For hard surfaces, vacuum cleaning, dust mop or sweeping the floor on a daily or weekly basis is essential to minimize abrasive grit and dirt. In very sandy areas or at the beach, vacuum or sweeping practices should be done more frequently. When using a liquid cleaner, it should be made sure to dry it or rinse it thoroughly to avoid a film.

Stains and Spills:
The best cure for an unwanted spill is a fast response. Blotting and immediately cleaning spills to prevent staining is compulsory, in order to maintain a clean flooring and not wasting excess money. Spills when allowed to settle form adamant stains which are difficult to remove using traditional methods and even might result in the damage or discoloration of the flooring. This, in turn, causes a fairly large proportion of financial loss which is undesirable.

One of the easiest methods to clean and maintain a floor is by the usage of carpets over it. Carpets form a protective sheath over the floor and also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the floor. But a carpet impairs air quality and is proven to act as a repository for dirt, dust and other pathogens. Therefore, if carpeting is chosen as an option for floor maintenance, it should be borne in mind that the carpet should also be tended to using recuperative carpet maintenance as well as smart carpet cleaning solutions.

Therefore it can be surmised from the above facts that floor cleaning and maintenance are of utmost importance. If not taken care of properly, it might lead to expenses way greater in magnitude than that can be imagined.

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