How often should your office get their carpets cleaned?

You must be running the most efficient company in the city. But if your visitors are greeted with smelly, dirty and soiled carpets. Then it’s your reputation at stake. The current business scenario and the environment is brutal. Everything has to be perfect. You might be really good at keeping your business promises. But if your customers are exposed to a dirty office, then its more than your reputation that is at stake here.

You added carpets to your office to demonstrate your commitment to providing a better working arena. To show the world that you mean business. People pour into your office daily in hundreds, that’s what soils your carpets. This is something which should be taken care of.

Why dirty carpets are such a big issue?

Dirty carpets are a real big issue. Like it or not but that’s the truth. Here are the reasons why it is so:

  • Odor: Carpets attract dirt and moisture. Dampness is the breeding ground of bacteria. As the bacterial growth increases, carpets begin to smell bad. Its bad for the air quality of your office as well as for health of those who work and visit your premises.
  • Paints a sad picture: If your visitors see that your carpets are dirty, they would have set their minds to the fact that you are perhaps not so efficient as you portray.Dirty carpets can ruin reputations, and business always runs on reputation.
  • Potential Hazard: Dirty carpets tend to breakdown. This could lead to loss of surface grip and may also lead to accidental slippages.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

The answer depends solely on the nature of your work. If you are a government office which deals with the public, then even getting your carpets professionally cleaned twice a month won’t be enough. If you are a business which receives only a few visitors a month, then professional carpet cleaning done twice a year would be sufficient. What we want to say is that the frequency of the service will vary. It will always depend upon the dirt that your carpets attract.

How to keep your companies carpet clean?

Professional cleaning is the answer, but there are certain things which you can also do all by yourself. Things that would help extend the life of your carpets.

Spot Cleaning

Small isolated stains are the worst of them all. These stains can ruin the entire beauty of the carpet. Make sure you take care of them as soon as they appear. Remember, the longer you ignore the stain harder it would be to remove it afterward. Spot cleaning is a preventive measure which can really sort things here. Whenever you see a stain ask someone from housekeeping team to clean it immediately.

Control entry of dirt

While its impossible to ask your visitors to come in bare feet. Still having heavy duty doormats on access points and entrances can make a big difference. Encourage people to use doormats properly. Control your smoking zones also. Smoke can also make your carpets dirty. Ensuring that windows are properly used will also go a long way in managing dust and dirt.


Getting your office carpet vacuumed daily is a must. Consider this as a regular maintenance effort. Vacuuming carpets daily ensure that no dirt or dust gets accumulated on the carpet. However, this is not a failsafe formula or substitute for professional carpet cleaning.

Professional Help

Professional carpet cleaning is a must for keeping your office carpets in a healthy state. Modern carpet cleaning services utilize machines and technology heavily. They use agents which are good for your carpet. These services also provide for a long-lasting cleaning solution.

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