How to remove reappearing carpet spots using proper techniques

Though carpets are objects which have been traditionally used to amplify the appearance of commercial and residential indoor spaces to a great extent, often they have been found laden with dust, dirt and spoiled by stains, mold and grime. If unclean, carpets can prove to be actually dangerous for the health of individuals as they become a repository of dirt and breeding round of pathogenic substances and thereby deteriorate the indoor air quality. 

Reappearing spots and stains: a common problem :

Unwanted spillage of anything leaves a stain on the carpet surface. Often it is observed that after the stain on the carpet surface is cleaned and the spot disappears; it reappears exhibiting a new kind of persistence. The reappearance of spots and stains might be linked with two possible causes :

  • Soiling and
  • Wicking.

Types of stains and spots: soiling and wicking :

The two common types of stains, as mentioned above, are soiling and wicking. Their nature and causes can be discussed below for the convenience of the readers.


  • Soiling: Soiling occurs when some residue has been left behind on the carpet fibres which can be attributed to the cleaners employed to treat the stains and clean the carpet in the first place. If that particular spot on the carpet is not rinsed and blotted particularly well, then the residue will become sticky and will attract more dirt and soil to the same spot. This will aggravate the issue and it might seem that the stain has returned. 
  • Wicking: One of the most common causes of reappearing carpet stains and spots can be referred to as wicking which occurs when the spilled substance has soaked through the backing of the carpet which is also known as the underpad of the carpet. When the original stain is removed, it involves cleaning it out of the carpet surface. But then the spill which has been trapped in the backing or underpad will make its way back to the surface fibres of the carpet and it would seem that the stains have reappeared. Wicking is a common phenomenon which involves certain cleaning techniques that rely heavily on water or moisture. Hot water extraction process or steam cleaning render the carpet wet after the cleaning operation is performed. Improper drying techniques are a major cause of carpet wicking. Certain rental units are faulty or not capable enough to perform the drying process with utmost efficiency and hence cause wicking problems to the carpet.


Techniques for prevention of the same :

Getting rid of carpet stains and adamant spots can be a troublesome issue and depend on the severity of the spill as well as on soiling and wicking problems and if they have occurred at all. Reappearing spots and stains can be tackled in the best possible way by ensuring that spillage does not occur in the first place and even if they do, they are treated with extreme urgency and in the most effective way. This will prevent the spill from percolating to the lower layers of the carpet. After treatment, a stack of paper towels being pressed hard on the region for a prolonged duration will extract the residual moisture that was left in the carpet. 

Going for the reputed professional carpet cleaning agency will definitely bring an end to the problem because of the high-end equipment that they employ in their cleaning and drying operations. 

If the suspected cause of reappearing spots and stains is the residual soil and dust particles left on the carpet fibres, then a small amount of lukewarm water should be poured on the affected region depending on the size of the spot. Proper drying techniques should be employed after this has been successfully done in order to prevent wicking.

If the reappearance of spots and stains is caused due to wicking problems, then it can be successfully tackled by pressing the spot well with paper towels. If the spot is caused due to a much bigger spill, then it can be taken care of by employing professional carpet cleaning services and going for water extraction technique. 

Yet, if the reappearance problem persists, it might be time to adopt drastic measures like pulling back the carpet to let the underpad and the sub-floor dry out. Once all of the drying operations have been done with the utmost finesse and expertise, the carpet might be reinstalled. Thus, the reappearance of spots and stains should be taken care of and thereby the durability and sanctity of the carpet should be restored. 

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