How to take care of your office chairs and sofas

No matter where you hail from or what you do, you must have faced the inevitable incident of spilling on the chair or sofas. The situation is even worse in the office space. Whether you are munching on a light snack or having a drink or just working with a cup of coffee, you never know when, all of a sudden, you might spill something on the upholstery. What’s more important is what you do next. The issue with office chairs and sofas is the exquisite style of upholstery that is used to cover it. But when you are armed with the knowledge of what you should do after a spillage, keeping everything spic and span shouldn’t be a problem. 

How to clean the upholstery?

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of various kinds of cleaning procedures for different types of furniture in the high traffic areas, it is crucial to bear in mind that there are a few things that you should always do whenever there is any mishap. 

Cleaning the stains without wasting time: The longer you delay to clean off the stain, the harder it will be to remove the stain. But before you choose any cleanser, make sure you pre-test it in a very small insignificant area before you decide to use it for the rest of the upholstery.

Following instructions: All types of cleaning agents may not be suitable for different kinds of upholstery. Also, the method of applying them might be separate. So, it’s important to be aware of how you should clean them. Make sure that cleaning products are used in a properly ventilated area.

Understanding water-based cleaning: Before you start with water-based cleaning agents, check if your furniture is compliant with this type of cleaning. If you find that there is a tag in the furniture having ‘w’ mark, it means you can spot clean the furniture with a good water-based cleaning. It is generally suitable for 100% polyester materials with latex or acrylic undertones. 

Cleaning upholstery with water-free solvents: There are some fabrics that can be cleaned with water-free solvents or dry cleaning agents. If your furniture has the cleaning instructions with mark ‘s’ then you can opt for such kinds of solvents. But you should avoid any toxic materials such as tetrachloride. It is best to leave working with such cleansers in the hands of professionals as water-free solvents when used without proper care can lead to spots or fade the fabric.

If you see that your office furniture is giving off a foul smell, you can simply sprinkle some baking soda and allow it to sit for some time so that you can vacuum clean it. But it is best to leave the cleaning of office chairs and sofas in the hands of an expert who is well equipped with the right products and also knows how to clean them without damaging the costly furnishing. So, it’s better to outsource the task of keeping the furniture look new while you can concentrate on your own set of works.

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