Marble Cleaning The Real Truth

When it comes to aesthetically pleasing stone options for flooring, nothing even comes near the beauty of marbles. Its versatile nature makes it one of the hot favorites of everyone. Whether you use it in main atrium or your boardroom or even in your washrooms they look fabulous despite their application. 

Like any other flooring stone, marble also requires due care and maintenance. That’s why professional marble cleaning and polishing services provider exists in the market. They are not there just as a gimmick but they provide an essential service. So here are some tips which will enable our site visitors to understand this wonder stone in a bit better manner. 

How Marble Cleaning Is Done? 

If your professional marble cleaner has the right tools then cleaning and taking care of marble floors is pretty easy. At a professional level marbles are cleaned using an array of professional tools. There are tools used for an initial dusting of the marble. In this process, the dust and dirt are dusted off using a powerful air source. Basically its like a powerful stream of air hitting the stone surface for removal of minor dust and other particles. Once this is done then a professional grade surface cleaning liquid specially designed for marble is used. This washes away any further superficial or minor stains that might have been on the surface. A scrubbing tool designed to handle marble floors is used so that no damage is done to the stone while cleaning. Then comes the drying time. Once the floor is completely dry and cleaned the team then commences with the polishing. Polishing marble is very professional work. The team handling this part of the marble cleaning process has to be very well trained. Marble polishing also takes care of minor scratches and blemishes on the surface and provides a brilliant shine. Hiring a professional marble cleaning service will help here a lot. 

What Can You Do To Protect Your Marble Floor? 

There are many things which the office management and the housekeeping team can do for keeping the marble floors in proper shape. They say prevention is always less expensive than the cure. The same is true for marble floors. Here are some of the things which can be done to prevent marble damage. 

  • Keep corrosive liquids away from marble floors.
  • Spillages can cause serious damage so always store damaging substances away from marble floors.
  • Try to keep dirt away from your floors. 
  • Use a mild marble friendly liquid cleaner for mopping the floors. 
  • Never scrub things on marble floor for transporting them. 

There are certain elements to marble care which are common sense. Never move heavy objects over the marble floor. This will surely damage the stone. Spilling liquids that leave stains are also not a good idea. Another thing is never to use inferior quality cleaners for regular mopping of the floor. There are specialized cleaners available for cleaning the marble floors and using them will surely be of long term benefit. 

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