Natural Stone Cleaning : Importance and Necessity

Natural stones have been used since time immemorial to enhance the beauty and appearance of any premises, be it residential or commercial. Stones like Marble, Granite, Quartzite, Sandstone, Cornerstone, Black Stone, Kota Stone etc have been employed for interior and selective exterior furnishings of buildings. The interior furnishings range from flooring surfaces to slabs of kitchens and washrooms to stone tile designs to mosaics and even modern furniture and lighting solutions. Natural stones are not only used to augment the aesthetics but also for their durability and eco-friendly nature. 

Importance of Natural Stone cleaning :

But often, it is seen that with continuous usage, the natural stones might lose their lustre and inherent shine. Natural stones definitely adorn the premises of buildings but come with additional expenses. To keep the sparkle and the beauty of the natural stones intact, professional help should be sought. Since different types of stones have different characteristics, they require various special treatments for cleaning and maintenance purposes, which can be seamlessly provided by professional natural stone cleaners and cleaning services. 

Methods for rapid and easy Natural Stone Cleaning :

There are few easy methods for natural stone cleaning and maintenance which can be employed at houses by normal people. These can be summarised below.

  • A damp cloth or sponge and a pH-neutral soap should be initially used.
  • A bar of harsh soap or the rough side of a sponge is not advisable under any circumstances as they strip off the sealant of the stone surfaces and damage them over time.
  • If the natural stone surface is covered with food crusts or soap films, then a brush with soft bristles can be employed to perform the cleaning. Circular motions of the brush remove these stains without damaging the stone surface.
  • Drying operation should be performed immediately after the cleaning operation to prevent the generation of spots on the stone surface. A blow dryer or a dry towel may be used in this regard. 
  • Mats and carpets should be dusted regularly to get rid of dirt and dust particles which might also cause scratching of the natural stone surface. 
  • A mop should be used to wipe away the abrasive particles but care should be taken that they are not dragged across the stone surface because it might result in scratches over the natural stone surface. 
  • Cleaning solutions should be used which are specifically made for cleaning natural stones. Other chemicals or solutions might cause irrevocable damage to natural stones. 

The necessity of Professional Cleaning Services for Natural Stones : 

Natural stone cleaners come associated with a lot of benefits. The reasons for hiring them are manifold. These can be listed below. 

  • Hiring professional stone cleaners is essential for removing hard stains and dust and debris which cannot be cleaned by mopping alone.
  • Professional stone cleaners use advanced technology and devices to remove all kinds of dirt, dust and stains which render the environment clean and the household free of gems and pathogen.
  • Hard water stains result in white rings on the natural stone surfaces. It is called efflorescence and it is the causative agent behind the dull appearance of natural stones. Household cleaning products are unable to remove these and hence professional cleaning service should be hired. 

Thus, the importance and necessity of natural stone cleaning attribute cleaning operations and services essential for all kinds of premises. 

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