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We all are changing our style of living as per the changing world and its trends and same goes with the interior and outer decor of our offices and residential areas. After our home or office renovation project what is that thing that is essential to do and without which you can not sit back and enjoy the new space that is post-construction cleaning.

After any renovation project, it is necessary to do post-renovation cleaning to remove dust particles from the renovated space.

Post construction cleaning involves:


Washing is one of the most suitable ways of removing dirt and dust from the surface. It also the easiest. So washing can be the first step towards a really clean post construction area.


Apart from washing, dusting can also be done to remove dust particles but it is a little bit tedious.

If you will ignore this then might be your place will not look new and renovated because dust particle can degrade its shine.

So post cleaning plays a vital role in giving the final finishing touch to your new space.

You can prepare a checklist that will help you out to remember what steps need to be taken for post construction cleaning.

1.Clean Upholstery and carpets

Fine dust particles can easily trap themselves in carpeted floor and curtains. It should be removed properly with the help of vacuum cleaner.

You have to pay more attention to the soft surfaces and vacuum it well.

2.Clean hard surfaces

You can easily vacuum the soft surfaces but what about hard surfaces? It also needs to be clean properly, for the same wipe out the dust particles trapped at the hard surface during construction.

Dry dusting is the safest alternative that removes particles without damaging the surface.

Other then this Damp Cloth can also be used to wipe out the surface.

Clean all the wardrobes, shelves of cabinets.

3.Replace filters and clean air vents

Usually, in large renovation projects dust particles are combined easily with the atmosphere and air, so it is important to clean air vents and filters to remove the spreading of dust from one renovated part to another.

You can simply clean the vent covers with warm water and soap and let them dry properly before using it again.

This step is also important as per the health issues because inhaling dusty air can lead to respiratory problems, so do take care of this.

4. Keep an eye on the other things also

We generally look those items that are easily visible and in front of us but don’t forget  to clean the following items also

1.Decorative items


3.Small electric appliances

4.Fan blades

All these steps can be implemented at the time of post construction cleaning. Nowadays several companies are also providing this services to let the customer free from the mess of cleaning after the renovation process. You can connect them anytime and they will deliver safe, quick and effective post-renovation cleaning services.

Advantages of hiring professionals post construction cleaning service providers:

1.Easy  cleaning

The most important benefit of hiring post cleaning services is that they clean the area very effectively and effortlessly. The company provides you well-trained employees that are smart enough to do their work in a better way.

2.Efficient utilization of tools:

Many tools and techniques are used for post construction cleaning on the basis of the area whether it is a home or a commercial building. Companies that provide these services make sure that what are those tools that they will require and how to use them properly.

3.No need to hire employees separately

After the renovation people usually hire additional labor for post construction cleaning, and in return, they pay them as per the work done by the labors. If you are spending your money on the labors then instead of doing this you can give this contract to any professional post construction cleaning service provider.

4. Some of the materials can be recycled

At the time of post-construction cleaning, it might be possible that you find plenty of materials that can be recycled and used again. So instead of treating it as a waste, the professional services providers know what should be done with these materials.

If you are a post construction cleaning service provider, then you need to take care of these following essentials

#Personal Protection

Although cleaning is not a very tedious task but it can be dangerous if you will do it properly. Cleaning includes the removal of fine dust particles that are combined with the chemicals used at the time of construction. So it’s your responsibility to make sure that your employees are using safety precautions to avoid the adverse effect of these chemical and contaminants on their health.

1. They should wear hard hats and gloves

2.Use goggles

3. Use a mask that prevents the inhalation of dusty air.

#Ensure the use of proper cleaning products

Different cleaning products are available in the market and its utilization depends on the type of surface. Its the duty of the cleaning service provider to ascertain and apply which one will work best in the current task.

If the above-mentioned pointers are adhered to then a flawless post-construction workspace is guaranteed.

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