Professional Carpet Cleaning Services and Air Quality

Despite its beautiful and benign appearance, carpets and rugs are home to dust mites, bacteria, allergens and other such harmful toxins that can potentially be detrimental for the general public. Carpets are widely used in homes and offices for their astounding texture, grace and luxurious feel. Moreover, it’s convenient to use and an affordable means of brightening an indoor space. But if you have found yourself suffering from a disease such as asthma, your carpet is to blame.

 It’s obvious that you spend much time in swapping the filters, vacu8 your carpets and taking all measures to improve your air quality by keeping allergens away. Every morning, active children and adults in your home treks along the carpet without even thinking what could lie under those appealing carpets. 

Carpet as the breeding ground of pollutants

If you have placed your carpet in any of the high traffic areas, you cannot even imagine the level of pollutants underlying it. These might include pet dander, dust mites, allergens, toxic particles, and even lead. Common cleaners used in the house or office can also contribute to poor air quality. Also, water damage in the carpet can lead to the growth of mold spores which gradually goes deep inside the carpet and make it very difficult to remove. Such toxic particles tend to get released in the air at the time of vacuuming and defile the air quality

Also, carpets are often installed by using adhesive and chemicals containing VOCs or volatile organic compounds which release pollutants and toxins in the indoor space. Many people tend to fall sick and experience respiratory issues after installation of new carpets. But it’s worthy of mention here that there are non-toxic alternatives easily available in the market but they might be on the costlier side. 

Why opt for professionals?

All these years, you have been quite satisfied with vacuuming and occasional carpet cleaning. Now it’s obvious that you will be faced with the question, why professional carpet cleaners. There are many significant reasons as to why professional carpet cleaning services can sustain your investment and some of them are listed below:

  • Appearance: Be it the office or your home, carpet is one of the most noticeable aspects. When you have a guest or a visitor, carpets are sure to attract their attention. Carpet cleaning services can remove all dirt and mold from its surface and within, making the carpet look bright and beautiful.
  • Durability: Carpet cleaners know the techniques of carpet cleaning that can extend the durability of the carpet. It goes without saying that carpets are susceptible to wear and tear which can deteriorate it with the passage of time. For deep cleaning, opting for professional services is the most dependable option.
  • Healthy environment: Dirty carpets become loaded with allergens and dirt and contribute to making people sick. If you take air quality data indoors, you will understand it. It is particularly true in the case of people with respiratory disease. Professional cleaners use a temperature-controlled environment to remove all the unwanted particles and make the carpet shine like before.
  • Removal of stains: Sometimes, particular stains on the carpet can become difficult to remove. Experts are trained to remove such stubborn stains such as mud, dirt, pet stains, ink, coffee and other drinks. So, professional carpet cleaning process holds great importance for removing those embarrassing stains. 
  • Improve the flow of air: When dirt clogs up the carpets, it restricts the flow of air within a given space. Thus, air quality is reduced and becomes incapable of supporting healthy lives. To ward off these issues, professional carpet cleaning is the saviour. 

Thinking of plausible solutions

As you can easily point out from the above-mentioned points that top-notch carpet maintenance should be in the top of the bucket list. If you have been doing it all by yourself, then its time to rethink how much you can achieve in the process. Vacuum cleaners are not designed to deep clean carpets. And you don’t have access to equipment used in professional carpet cleaning. So what can be done in such a situation? 

Thankfully, professional carpet cleaning services have the answer. They are armed with all kinds of expert cleaners and equipment along with the knowledge about how to use them. And when you have decided on investing your money to get your carpets professionally cleaned, you will definitely not want any concern that uses harmful chemicals.

It is very important to understand that carpets, particularly those placed over extensive surfaces work as a huge air filter and retain most of the airborne particles drawn from outside. Keeping that filter clean by the professional carpet cleaning services is an essential step of warding off diseases. 

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