Reasons to Hire a Professional Stone Cleaner

A natural stone flooring surface like Marble, Granite and Kota Stone have their own benefits and also augment the aesthetics and appearance of the premises in which they are installed. Apart from floors, these luxurious eco-friendly materials find their usage in a variety of interior design and decorations like slabs, stone tile designs, mosaics, modern furniture and a number of lighting fixtures. 

Why is stone cleaning important : 

Natural stones are extremely versatile materials. They find their usage in a multitude of the interior as well as exterior fixtures and fittings. But often it can be observed that natural stone flooring options like granite, marble etc exhibit the features of ageing, erosion, wear and tear, weathering and damage due to various causative agents. Therefore stone cleaning becomes extremely important. Though the people inhabiting the premises may be lured to clean the natural stones themselves, the best option is not to go for it. Professional stone cleaners should be hired to perform the job with utmost finesse and professionalism. 

Reasons to hire professional stone cleaners : 

Professional stone cleaners implement the cleaning and maintenance of natural stones with extreme care and panache. The reasons for these may be enumerated below. 


  • Possession of the perfect equipment – Professional stone cleaners contain a variety of capable machines which perform cleaning operations with the extreme expertise, depending on the type of stone and the range of temperatures and pressures at which they function. The possession of commercial-grade steam pressure cleaning machines, machines with their built-in generators etc offer full stone cleaning services at affordable prices and at flexible schedules. 
  • Possession of the right chemicals – Different professional stone cleaners use various specially formulated stone cleaner and conditioner which are perfect for routine maintenance tasks, keeping the stones clean and even for deep cleaning operations on natural stones. Acidic, alkaloid and other special cleaners are available for the unique needs of the customers, whether they be residential or commercial. Professional cleaning services employ the usage of poultices and pastes for removing specific stains. 
  • Having the right techniques which have been perfected over the years – Professional stone cleaners have the perfect techniques to remove the stains from stones and they are implemented in the following order :




1.Pressure cleaning the surface to remove weeds, sand, dirt and grass,

  1. Re-sanding the surface with fine silica sand when it is dry,

3.Brooming sand into the joints,

  1. Blowing off the excess sand with a blower,
  2. Using a pump to apply the sealer to ensure evenness,
  3. Leaving the surface to dry for at least a day.


  • Affordable rates – Professional stone cleaning services try to provide impeccable experiences so that customer loyalty is ensured. Hence the costs are generally affordable and the quality of work is high. 

These are the important reasons for which professional stone cleaners and cleaning services should be sought out for both residential and commercial operations. Customers can depend on professional stone cleaners as their operations ensure the maximum lifespan and durability of the natural stones and negate the possibility of any damage.

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