Carpet Shampooing

For Fresh & Hygienic Carpets

A cost-effective method for carpet stain removal

A cost-effective method for
carpet stain removal

Dry foam carpets are the most common carpets used in workplace environments. Due to the soft surface and open fibers, commercial carpets often get soiled very easily typically over the course of a year with substantial deposit of pathogens, allergens, dust, etc. that can enter our respiratory system. Carpet Shampooing is one of the most cost-effective methods to clean the soiled surface of your commercial carpet and elevate the hygiene standards to avoid respiratory infections.

Why Choose Carpet Shampooing?

Advance dry foam carpet shampooing method

Economical means of carpet cleaning

Recommended in combination with Injection-Extraction

Opens the pile and rejuvenates the carpet

100% eco-friendly and powerful cleaning chemicals

No odour after the carpet cleaning process

No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Drying takes approx 8-12 hours depending on the carpet

Advanced 5-Step Shampooing Process

Advanced 5-Step
Shampooing Process

We follow a well-tested process that helps in stain removal and rejuvenates the look and feel of the carpet.

Pile Opening

Opens up the pile at the entrance & heavy footfall areas.

Heavy-duty Vacuuming

Sucks heavy amounts of dust using commercial-grade machines.

Stain Removal

Removes prominent stains and spots from the carpet surface.

Stain Softener Spraying

Softens the carpet pile & soil for better agitation and cleaning.

Mechanical Scrubbing

Agitates the carpet with single disk machine using foam generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends entirely on the nature of the business that your company deals in. If you have an office where the footfall is very high then you might need our cleaning and sanitization services more frequently, to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. If the footfall is low then availing our services once every quarter would suffice.
Standard cleaning service from us would provide you with complete wet and dry options of cleaning and much more. It would be best to call our helpline to understand how we can customize the service to match your requirements.
The total time required the process depends entirely on the area to be covered by our team. However, we generally conduct our service operations during off hours (except carpet encapsulation), to ensure that there is no intervention or obstructions in your regular office operations because of our services.
Yes you always can. Our services are designed to be easily customizable to match your special requirements. If you have any special requests, it can be directly communicated to our service manager.

partner. customize. succeed.

Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. 

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