Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

For Unclogged and Safe Commercial Kitchens

Reduce grease and eliminate the risk of kitchen fires

Reduce grease and eliminate
the risk of kitchen fires

Commercial kitchens are high-functioning spaces of activity where every second a fire is burning that needs an outlet for exhaust. As it turns out, most restaurant fires are caused by grease and debris that builds up inside the surface of exhaust pipes and ventilation system. With regular cleaning and efficient maintenance, the risk of kitchen fires and potentially dangerous smoke can be eliminated completely. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning service is carried out by highly trained technicians who promise to restore your commercial kitchen back to its original functionality.

Why Choose Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

Reduces fire hazard and unblocks heat, odour and smoke

Better airflow increases efficiency and lowers power bill

No disturbance to other elements of the kitchen

Complete end-to-end maintenance solution

Adequate ventilation improves the indoor air quality

Cleaning of the non-visible parts of the chimney

Recommended for all domestic/commerical kitchens

100% statutory compliance and service delivery

Advanced 5-Step Cleaning Process

Advanced 5-Step
Cleaning Process

We follow a thorough process that extensively covers all the elements of an indoor environment, from vacuuming and scrubbing to complete disinfection.


Team getting ready with equipment for cleaning operations.

Mechanical Cleaning

The kitchen Exhaust system is cleaned using advanced machines.

Grease Removal

Filtering of all grease waste and cleaning of chimneys and ventilation.


Dirt & grime is removed and disposed of safely, Kitchen exhaust is reassembled.


Spraying of industrial disinfectant to keep your cooking area safe & hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard kitchen chimney/kitchen exhaust system cleaning includes a comprehensive cleaning of visible and invisible parts of the exhaust system. Our expert team of cleaners also ensure that no mess is created while the entire process is in motion. We also never disturb other fixtures of kitchen while cleaning your kitchen chimney.

Kitchen exhaust collects grease and harmful smoke from daily cooking activities in commercial kitchens. We use time-tested, industry-leading techniques to clean the entire kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom, leaving your kitchen floor and ventilation system cleaner than ever before.

The frequency of kitchen exhaust systems cleaning depends upon how busy your kitchen is. We generally recommend getting your kitchen chimney cleaned every 3 months. Then again this recommendation is subject to change from case to case.

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning is a short duration cleaning process. However, the exact time required to complete the cleaning and sanitization process will depend on the magnitude of the work. Our on-site team will be in the best position to answer your duration-related queries.

Yes you always can. Our services are designed to be easily customizable to match your special requirements. If you have any special requests, it can be directly communicated to our service manager.

partner. customize. succeed.

Get in touch with us to design customized solutions for your requirements. 

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