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Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

Carpet Encapsulation
Cleaning + Sanitization

Encapsulation technique is the lowest moisture cleaning process. This method removes the micro dust particles and postpones the re-soiling.

Carpet Injection
Extraction Cleaning + Sanitization

Injection & Extraction is recommended for deep cleaning of the carpet. This unique system, opens the pile, agitates & rinses the carpet in one process itself.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning​

Carpet Shampoo
Cleaning + Sanitization

Dry foam shampooing done with single disc machine, provides an intensive agitation of the carpet.

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust
System Cleaning + Sanitization

We provide the most scientific and efficient kitchen exhaust system cleaning in the country. Zero disturbance to kitchen 100% Satisfaction.

Marble Polishing


A polished marble enhances the aesthetic look of the premises. One time Restoration & maintenance throughout the year services are provided.

Granite Polishing


Toughest building material stone, once polished lasts longer. End-to-end one time restoration & polishing undertaken.

Chair/Sofa Cleaning + Sanitization

All type of upholstery is cleaned with wet & dry method in combination with rinsing process.

3M Scotchgard Treatment

3M Scotchgard Treatment + Sanitization

Authorized applicators for 3M. Scotchgard treatment, shields the fabric from spillages, protects from dusts & postpones the re-soiling / age.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning + Sanitization

One time micro cleaning, removal of dust & disinfecting the work premises.

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