Carpet Injection Extraction Cleaning

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HF’s cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning services adapted to the needs of each client.

Carpet Injection Extraction Cleaning

Carpet Injection Extraction Cleaning:

  • Deep cleanses the carpet
  • Minimum residual due to rinsing process during carpet cleaning
  • Agitates the carpet, injects the water & extracts the soil
  • Opens up the pile and rejuvenates while carpet is cleaned
  • Recommended for cleaning restoration of the carpet


  • Latest/advanced technology & environment friendly methodology
  • Being serious about customer’s feedback
  • Repeating the work till customer’s contentment.
  • 100% compliance


  • Deliver high quality and satisfactory services
  • Ethos bases on ‘customer first’
  • Provide Healthy work environment
  • Use environment friendly consumables

Frequently Asked Questions

Well that entirely depends upon the nature of the business your company deals in. If you have an office where the footfall is very high then you might need our services every month. If the foot-fall is low then availing our services once every quarter would suffice.

Standard cleaning service with us would provide you with complete wet and dry options of cleaning and much more. It would be best to give us a call to understand this better. 

Depends entirely on the area to be covered. However, we generally conduct our service operations during off hours, hence there would be no intervention or pause in your regular office operations because of our services. 

Yes you always can. The same can be communicated to our service manager. 

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