Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning + Sanitization

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Kitchen Exhaust cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning + Sanitization



Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of kitchen exhaust systems cleaning depends upon how busy your kitchen is. We generally recommend getting your kitchen chimney cleaned every 3 months. Then again this recommendation is subject to change from case to case. 

Standard kitchen chimney/kitchen exhaust systems cleaning includes complete cleaning of visibile and invisible parts of the system. Our expert team of cleaners also ensure that no mess is created while the entire process is in motion. We also never disturb other fixtures of kitchen while cleaning your kitchen chimney. 

Its a short duration cleaning process. Still the exact time taken will depend upon the magnitude of the work. Our onsite team will be in the best position to answer your query. 

Yes you always can. The same can be communicated to our service manager. 

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