Top tips to fight the Flu this season

One downside of residing in the tropics with a prominent monsoon season is the recurring occurrence of Flu virus and its contagiousness which might cause rampant spreading of the disease within masses. The Flu virus generally makes its presence felt post-monsoon season and before the winter arrives and wreaks havoc during this time.

It might seem to be very trivial in light of its potency compared to other viruses, but the problem is that it occurs more or less every season like a recurring form of the disease. It leaves the infected person with dry cough and also the ones with phlegm, causes tremendous body aches, dehydration, fatigue, fever, irritation in the respiratory tract, loss of appetite as well as muscular pain.

People should adopt a lot of safety practices that would not only keep these infectious viruses at bay every time the rainy season arrives or the winters arrive , but also keep their households and family safe and protected from the invasion of similar microorganisms and bacteria which thrive to a great extent during this period as it is conducive for their replication and propagation.

The few basic practices to emulate that would keep the flu germs away this season can be enumerated as : 


  • Changing the pattern of washing hands :

Since the flu virus is an extremely contagious one and generally transmits itself through air and touch, it is extremely important to have a proper handwashing regime. According to studies and researches conducted, it has been proved that a meager percentage of people actually wash their hands in a proper fashion, as advised by doctors and healthcare specialists. It is imperative that the hands should be washed for a good amount of time, taking special care of the fingernails, the space between fingers, back of the hand, etc. The clean hand may then be rinsed and dried properly with a disinfected and clean disposable towel.


  • Usage of paper towel :

Since contamination is very likely during this season, touching different surfaces may lead to the propagation of germs, pathogens, and other microbes into the body through touch and would give rise to complex health issues. Therefore it is always advised to keep a dry paper towel in hand after the hands are washed and cleaned properly so that no further contamination occurs due to touching unclean surfaces or other machinations and accessories.


  • Increased usage of Hand Sanitizers:

Hand sanitizers are one of the best ways to clean the hands and superficial body parts to avoid contamination and to promote disinfection. Strategically located hand sanitizers all over the premises of the workplace or the residence instigate people to take up the practice of washing and cleaning hands very seriously even if there is a dearth of soap and water.


  • Reminders on hygiene:

Hygiene, and here specifically hand hygiene, is a necessary practice. To not forget and integrate this practice into a habit, one can keep reminders in the form of sticky notes or likewise at various places on the premises. These would definitely prompt the people on the premises to practice a proper anti-contamination routine.


  • Disinfection of Workplace :

It has been found out through research that a workplace might be several times more conducive for the inhabiting of pathogens and microbes, as compared to a toilet seat. There are nooks, corners, office items that people generally overlook which might be the thriving habitat of germs and flu viruses to be specific. Therefore an effective cleaning procedure should be employed to get rid of these harmful entities.

These practices can be termed as the basic ones that we can adopt this upcoming season to ward off Flu infection from our lives, homes, and workplaces. 

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