Urban Corporate Health care and Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning refers to a specialized section of housekeeping services which is implemented with an objective to maintain a level of optimal cleanliness in the premises, whether that be residential or commercial or official. A deep cleaning service is different from regular cleaning chores. The primary purpose of deep cleaning is to reach the extremely deep and adamant dirt and grime in the household or the workplace. Deep cleaning services are usually instrumental in covering areas that are traditionally not covered by spring cleaning or normal cleaning procedures. The specific areas where deep cleaning is employed can be enumerated as the following :

  • Behind kitchen appliances like the washing machine and oven, clearing the grime and stains that build-up
  • Under the sink
  • Inside the oven including the oven door glass
  • Inside the crevices of window frames and patio doors
  • Inside and outside of all windows and their panes as well
  • Washing all blinds and curtains 
  • Full, deep and extensive dusting including all the corners of rooms for cobwebs as well as carpet cleaning procedures 
  • Scale removal from all bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, taps, showerheads, etc

Significance of Deep Cleaning services in the workplace:  Deep cleaning services are of tremendous importance as they can also be employed in workplaces. Deep cleaning practices rid an office environment of all the cumulative dirt, dust and pathogens that have the potential to thrive and multiply in those unhygienic conditions.

A clean environment and the level of cleanliness has a direct effect on cognitive ability as well as the productivity of the personnel who reside there or are present in those spaces. A dirty and unclean environment is extremely visually repulsive and can increase stress levels of the employees and therefore impact negatively on their concentration and retentive abilities.

The workplace environment affects the following: employees’ productivity,

  • employee performance, and
  • The well-being of the employees.

 In any corporation or organization belonging to any industry, maintaining a clean workplace ensures the health, safety, and efficiency of the staff members. Occasionally busy production schedules and increasing workloads cause cleaning standards to dip, due to which the employees are put at risk of contracting an illness that might be contagious or long-drawn and these could negatively impact performance levels. Maintaining a clean workplace is vital for corporate establishments to keep their worker’s compensation claims to a bare minimum and simultaneously boosting the efficiency levels of their employees.

Ways in which Deep Cleaning impacts the corporate environment :

The various ways in which deep cleaning services impact a corporate environment can be summarised below.


  • Safety: When employees work in an extremely messy or dirty environment, loaded with dirt, dust, and grime which have been present over a long time, they may fail to notice items that aggravate dangers and increase the risk of an accident in the workplace and also have the potential to cause hazards. When the corporate worksite is devoid of deep cleaning services, it may increase the chance that a hazard will go unnoticed by a supervisor or a staff member. Employers of corporate organizations should invest strategically in deep cleaning services so that the workplace is free of any potential threats or hazardous items and should also notify the staff to keep their personal protective gear and other equipment in their specific allocated places.


  • Health: A corporate environment or workplace which is devoid of deep cleaning practices necessarily becomes a breeding ground of a range of pathogens. This results in the workforce contacting illness and falling sick. Germs have the potential to spread quickly among the ranks if proper hygiene and sanitization is not maintained at workplaces. The nooks and corners of an office and the washroom become the mushrooming space for germs as well as the primary spot for dust, dirt and grime accumulation which is impossible to remove using regular and standardized cleaning practices.


  • Efficiency: The negative impacts of a dirty corporate environment manifest themselves by affecting the efficiency of the employees. Decrease of cognitive abilities, loss in concentration as well as retentive abilities of the workforce negatively impacts productivity and slows down the economic growth of the organization.

Thus Deep Cleaning practices are of extreme importance in the context of corporate environments and improve the health and safety of the people belonging to those spaces.

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