Wall to wall carpeting vs Normal Carpeting

Carpets are defined as a textile floor covering which has been in use since time immemorial. Carpets were earlier manufactured from wool, though extravagantly lavish carpets have been found to be manufactured from expensive fabrics like muslin and wool. Though the modern carpets are often manufactured from synthetic fibers like polypropylene and nylon and polyester; which are typically cheaper in comparison to wool and more resistant to wear and tear than organic fibers.

Notable uses of carpeting :

Carpets are often embellished and adorned with intricate motifs and designs and can be obtained in various colors as well. The most notable uses of carpeting can be summarised below.

  • One of the most important purposes of carpeting is to protect a person’s limbs from the coldness and circumstantial dampness from the floor which could be made out of floor tiles or concrete. Therefore carpeting provides insulation.
  • The floor is covered by carpeting and thus can be used as a place to sit or perform various other domestic activities.
  • Carpets are also used to reduce the sound that is emanated from walking. This is an important reason for which carpeting is done in apartment buildings.
  • The most common usage of carpets is to add color to the otherwise bland flooring of a room, thereby decorating the room to the fullest extent.

Usage of Carpet in office space: why is the installation of the carpet of extreme importance :

Carpets provide the ease of cleanliness and help maintain a healthy environment in any commercial place. Carpets act as the repository for dust particles, toxins, allergens, harmful microbes and traps them in its fibers. Carpets also help in the reduction of traffic noise and provide insulation against other objectionable noises that might hamper the sanctity of a workplace. 

When entering the reception or the outermost area of any commercial space or an office, it is evident that the appearance creates a huge impression. The office décor, office professionalism and the office appearance all create the first momentous impression. Carpeting the office floor indeed creates a beautiful internal environment and enhances the appearance of the office space. Additionally, the floor below the office will not be disturbed by the noise of someone walking above and the people residing in the same floor are also insulated from the continuous or intermittent sound of hard sole shoes. 

Choosing the best carpet for the flooring needs of the office :

Office carpeting is the perfect choice for the flooring design of the office as it offers tremendous flexibility and creativity in design. With the advent of modern dying technologies, custom carpet manufacturers can synthesize carpets out of any high-quality material at affordable rates. Choosing the perfect carpeting option for an office is dependant on a number of factors that can be summarised below.

  • The duration for which the office carpet is expected to last: Generally a quality commercial carpet has a life expectancy of 10 to 30 years if properly maintained.
  • The way in which the carpet will be used: Moderate to heavy foot traffic and furniture movement are also important to determine the area and type of carpeting that can be employed in office spaces.
  • The look of the carpet in actual office site condition: The available amount of light in the original office changes the look of the carpet by a significant degree.
  • The way in which the carpet will handle stains: Carpets can prevent coffee spilling and the resultant stains by covering the floor areas of cafeterias and other spaces of the office that expect high footfall.

Considering all of the above factors it is evident that proper planning should be done for carpet installation in an office space. 

Floor to floor carpeting is important in this regard as the cushioning improves carpet performance, absorbs the impact due to foot traffic and excels in carpet acoustics and also feels comfortable on the feet while increasing the life expectancy of the carpet.

Normal carpeting will expose a lot of space in the office where insulation of sound is not possible and the flooring is exposed to adamant stains. The indoor air quality is also affected by a great deal because the carpet exposes spaces on the floor where dirt and dust can accumulate in addition to a plethora of microorganisms that can cause detrimental effects. Therefore it will hamper the mindset as well the health of the people inhabiting the office space. 

Thus floor to floor carpeting is a better option than normal carpeting when it comes to choosing the perfect carpeting option for your office space.

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