What is Carpet Encapsulation?

Carpet Encapsulation is one of the methods used for carpet maintenance.

In which the encapsulating chemicals are sprayed over the carpet and then it is rubbed with the help of cylindrical brushed. This encapsulated chemical encloses all the dust particles and the crystallizes it. All these dust particles can easily be separated from the carpet through vacuuming. This method is quite efficient and effectively used as compared to other methods used for cleaning the carpets because of its low moisture system.

This is the reason because of which the carpets can be used again without any delay time required for drying. It is highly beneficial for the users to use carpets continuously by investing less amount on its maintenance. It is basically made for commercial use only. It should be followed by the hot water extraction method.

Why it is in demand?

It is an easy encapsulation cleaning mechanism that provides cleaning solution with the help of acrylic polymer. This polymer is the main hero of the encapsulation process. It also contains surfactants and other chemical ingredients that are responsible for the breaking up of the bonds between dirt and the carpet fibers.

Why it is the most preferred cleaning method?

1.Low Moisture & quick return time

As it is low moisture cleaning method that’s why it dries quickly. It ensures that the carpet should remain clean and quickly return to its services with a fresh smell.

2. Easy to implement

It requires minimum training and tools. It can easily be implemented by the staff starting from vacuuming the carpet then applying carpet encapsulation cleaning method then agitate the surface and allow it to dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

Steps involved in Cleaning encapsulation

1. Complete vacuuming is done to remove the dust particles from the carpet

2. With the help of sprayer, the encapsulant is sprayed over the carpet

3. Allow 10–15 minutes of dwell time

4. Use Cylindrical brush for encapsulant

5.Once it is done then apply continuous vacuuming to remove the encapsulated debris.

Benefits of Carpet Encapsulation Cleaning

1.Drying time of only 60 min for average soiled carpet

2.No Odour post carpet cleaning

3.No re-soiling due to chemical residue

4.Minimum water consumption for cleaning

5.Opens up the pile and rejuvenates while carpet is cleaned

6.No VOC’s

7. It is a recommended method for 24/7 operations

Is it cost effective?

Yes, it is because it can cover a large surface area quickly with minimum downtime that makes it profitable for the users.

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