What is Carpet Shampoo Cleaning?

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Over the years, shampooing method is used to clean the carpets.  Now the synthetic detergents have taken the place of natural soaps to clean the carpets. Shampooing method provides an effective, safe and reliable way of cleaning. It consists of a rotary floor device that is provided with tanks and brushes that helps to achieve better agitation and good cleaning results.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning is an efficient method used for the better cleaning of the carpet as compared to the normal vacuuming. The carpet shampoo cleaning method is one of the traditional methods that use the carpet cleaner as a shampoo to make foam.

It only needs vacuum cleaner and shampoo. It is an economical method because the carpet shampoo used in it is cheaper as compared to the chemicals used in the dry cleaning process.

It also increases the lifespan of the carpet.

Prerequisites & steps for Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

1. All the furniture should be removed that is placed on the carpet.

Before actually applying carpet shampoo cleaning on the carpet, the furniture should be removed from the room so that it can be cleaned properly.

2.Vacuum the carpet properly

Thoroughly vacuuming is done before applying shampoo carpet cleaning because, it can only suck up the water and tiny dirt particles, so vacuuming can remove large dirt particles and make the carpet ready for shampoo cleaning.

3. Remove stains with stain remover if possible.

Remove the stains with the help of stain remover and cleaner, if you can’t remove it, then no need to worry about it just leave it for the shampoo cleaning.

Apply the following process then perform shampoo carpet cleaning process as given below:

1. Use the shampooer

2. Fill the machine with the required amount of water and carpet soap.

3. Apply it on the carpet.

Advantages of Carpet Shampoo Cleaning:

1. It is dry foam carpet cleaning.

2. It is an economical means of carpet cleaning.

3. It is recommended in a combination of Injection & Extraction.

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