Why Having a Healthy Work Place Is Essential?

The intrinsic value of health that goes far beyond the earning capacity of an individual because a long, healthy and more productive life is measured by the value an individual attributes to his health.However, the value people attribute to health is difficult to measure because there is no direct observable market price. In some studies (WHO, 2008) it is inferred from an individual’s decision that involves a trade-off between money and health. For example, demanding greater compensation for performing jobs that come with the risk of health hazards. Hence, an individual’s decision not to work in place replete with health risks can reasonably be considered as her perception of and attribute to health. It is applicable largely in the case of manual labourers. The loss of a day’s work indicates loss of wages. Nevertheless, loss of wages again reflects the loss of productivity at the individual level.

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For pretty long, workplace health conditions were not a big deal in India. Even if you roam around in some countryside government offices, you would notice that even today the working conditions are far from optimal. Watch any old movie and you would know what we are talking about. There was an image associated with public and even private offices. They were essentially badly furnished with no climate control or any other measure to keep things clean. In a nutshell, there was no proper infrastructure in place and the concept of deep cleaning was pretty vague.


Vital Fact: Worker Illness And Injury Costs U.S. Employers $225.8 Billion Annually

This is the scenario for USA, where everything is accounted for. Imagine the plight in India, where still employee health and safety is not so much regulated. We are a bigger workforce hence the losses would also be bigger.

What Affects The Workplace Health

There are many factors which govern the workplace health. Now speaking of workplace health let us make it clear here that it is segregated into two parts, the mental health and the physical health, amazingly a specialised cleaning agency like us has a role in both the mental and physical health of the employee at the workplace or office. We will explore this role further in the blog post.

Why we say that we have a role in both physical and mental well being of the workplace. Well imagine this, enter any office building which has dust, is badly lit, carpets are smelly. How would you feel at mental level. Disgust and Frustration would be the word to define the emotion. Now imagine the plight of the person who actually works there. Apart from the health hazards just imagine the mental state of the people who actually work from such a place.

It’s a known fact that our surroundings determine our morale and motivation. Dirty places would inspire people to do dirty things. Apart from philosophy lets just say that having an unhealthy workplace is also bad business.

Unhealthy workplaces will always have more people taking sick leaves. Even those who are present will work with lethargy and would not be happy to work. Once a person is not happy with his work, he won’t be productive. He is just working for salary and would not be willing to contribute anything extra to the company.

Unhealthy is Bad

Its bad for everything in workplace. Once you have a unhealthy and not so clean office. Bills will continue to mount. Starting with your employee health insurance premium to the losses you book when the work does not get done.

So what’s the solution ?

There is only one solution to this problem. That is deep cleaning, that too professional deep cleaning. Let us remind you that it’s not the substitute to your regular housekeeping service but an essential addition. Deep cleaning services ensure that your office not only looks clean but is also sanitized. Sanitization here means cleaning every nook and corner of the office and making it practically germ free.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

1. Healthy Environment

A clean office creates a healthy environment for all employees and guests that enter the office. A professional cleaning service removes all dirt and bacteria that builds up each day and the removal of this bacteria generates a healthier environment. This is especially important during flu season because of the amount of germs that spread across the office. Reducing the amount of contagious bacteria helps reduce the number of sick days used and keeps all employees healthy and productive.

2. Professional Appearance

Every office should be clean and ready to welcome guests at any moment. A clean office gives a professional appearance and allows you to feel confident about hosting meetings or individuals into your space. When an office is dirty, it creates an unprofessional atmosphere and reflects poorly on your work. A commercial cleaning service ensures that your office always portrays your business as professional.

3. Enhanced Cleaning

The largest difference between self-cleaning and a professional cleaning service is the products and tools that are used to clean. A professional cleaning service will bring tools and products that fight bacteria. Also, a cleaning service opposed to internal cleaning often completes the cleaning more effective and efficient. The service will clean every corner and blind whereas internal employees may not be motivated to complete a deep clean.

4. Increases Productivity

If employees are asked to clean weekly, they are using their work time to do so. This time could be used towards work that is more beneficial for the company. If cleaning is not a part of their tasks, their productivity will be increased as they have more time to focus on company based tasks. Many employees who are asked to clean the office are found to be less motivated on their primary job as they feel cleaning is outside of their job description. Though it is important for every employee to keep a tidy and organised space, a deep cleaning should be left to the professionals.

5. Available After Office Hours

Along with increasing productivity of employees by not asking them to clean, a professional cleaning service will not disrupt employees during working hours. Professional cleaning services can accommodate your schedule and work after or before company hours. This is advantageous as employees are not disrupted by cleaning and are also welcomed to a clean, healthy office daily. The after-office hours availability benefits all employees and guests who are entering the office.

For those who work full-time, an office is a second home. This second home is shared with co-workers and guests and because of this, it gets very dirty. In order to keep your employees healthy and happy, the office needs to be a clean and organised space where they can work effectively. A professional cleaning service ensures that your office will always be a welcoming space for employees.

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