Why are encapsulation polymers required for better carpet cleaning

Carpets enhance the appearance of a room, whether it be situated in a residential or commercial space, to a huge extent. Having a plush carpet greatly augments the flooring space and creates a good impression on anyone that walks in while walking over it. 

Importance of carpet cleaning and maintenance :

But the fabrics of carpets might act as a repository to dirt, dust and allergens. Stains, molds, mildew are commonly deposited over there resulting in the proliferation of disease-causing pathogens. This might cause unhealthy situations with people falling sick and the air quality being rendered unsafe. For this reason, carpets should be cleaned periodically. Carpet cleaning and maintenance, if scheduled properly, results in the prolonged lifespan of the carpet as well, apart from improving its smell and its look and saving money.

Role of encapsulation polymers in carpet cleaning operations :

Encapsulation cleaning is an extremely wholesome method of carpet cleaning that may be employed commercially or even inside residential premises. Encapsulation cleaning of carpets is done by encapsulating detergents and encapsulation polymers are extremely important components of those detergents. The better the quality of the polymers, the better the encapsulation cleaning action. 

Salient features of the encapsulation polymers being designed currently :

The modern encapsulation polymers that are being developed have been specifically designed for serving in carpet encapsulating detergents. The considerable amount of research and significant degree of advancement in polymer technologies has seen excellent development for the carpet cleaning and maintenance industry as these encapsulating polymers are specifically designed to encapsulate soil and solid particles from the carpet fibres and remove them. 

Mode of action of encapsulation polymers :

The preliminary function of the encapsulation polymers includes surrounding and encapsulating soil and solid particles entrapped in the carpet fibres. An efficient encapsulating polymer is capable of consuming sticky and oily soils and stenches. Once the encapsulating detergent containing the polymer is brushed across the carpet pile, the soil that is bound to the fibre surfaces gets detached. 

The carpet appears clean and free from the soil and solid dirt particles after this procedure is followed. Though the soil is present but in the polymerised form within the encapsulating detergent fluid but is no longer present on the visible surface of the carpet. Once the carpet is left to dry, the polymerised soil turns into a brittle, crisp residue which resembles a crystal in all its aspects and this process is hence referred to as crystallisation. This dried polymer residue contains the units of soil in it and can be removed efficiently by routine vacuuming procedures. As routine vacuuming operations are performed to recover the soil and the debris trapped in the carpet, the polymerised soil within the encapsulating detergent continually shears from the carpet fibre and stays as a semi-detached mass. 

Importance of encapsulating polymer :

The role of the polymer is deemed extremely crucial to the function of encapsulation. If the encapsulating detergent or item fails to contain an efficient polymer within it, the encapsulation and soil recovery procedures will be affected negatively. Sizeable amounts of encapsulating detergents containing good encapsulating polymers are also crucial to remove any residual soil or debris during the post-vacuuming operations. 

  • A good encapsulating polymer possesses the property of becoming soluble again after the post-vacuuming operations are performed properly. When the encapsulating product is made moist, it will become fluid again from the crystallised form it had while entrapping the soil and solid dirt particles. 
  • A versatile encapsulating polymeric product also resists the deposition of soil once the whole process of cleaning is performed on the carpet. 
  • Polymeric encapsulation products also eliminate the possibilities of wicking, re-soiling by oil and stenches, and therefore provide all-round protection to the carpets.

Thus it has been proved beyond doubt that encapsulating polymers are required for better carpet cleaning operations and should be considered for maintenance and cleaning services in all types of premises. 

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