Why do we need super clean carpets in the office

Millions of business areas across the globe have carpets and rugs owing to the ambiance it offers coupled with the warmth and softness. Though the carpet is one of the widely favored choices in soft flooring, it is important that businesses should consider routine maintenance as well. A crucial part of this routine is to get the rugs and carpets professionally cleaned once every four to six months. 

Reasons why you should be armed with a professional cleaning service? 

It’s true that as a business owner, you see to it that your soft flooring is spot cleaned every time there’s a spill or spot. But when is the last time your carpets were really deep cleaned? Here are some pressing issues that can be handled by a professional carpet cleaner effortlessly.

An extravagant first impression: From the perspective of business to the employees, everyone would want to walk into a clean office. When a client or a stakeholder steps into your business area, they are likely to be stumped by the grace and beauty of your clean carpets.

Extend the life of the carpets: A professional carpet cleaning will not just restore the longevity of the rugs and carpet but keep the environment clean and the air breathable. Salt, dirt, sand are the common factors that degrade the fibers of the floor covers. With routine professional cleaning, the durability of the carpet will never be at stake.

Removal of odors: Whenever there is any spillage, no matter how efficiently you remove the spots, it becomes impossible to get rid of the odors. It often leads to mold formation as well. With the carpet being the breeding grounds for mites, dust and dander build-up leads to the development of allergy and breathing issues. With professional carpet cleaning, you can bid farewell to all these problems. 

Deep cleaning of the carpet is not possible by yourself: When you have an expert to clean your rugs and carpets, you can expect a six-step process for deep clean. It starts with deep vacuuming with the aid of heavy-duty filters for removal of all the particulates. Then, a preconditioning solution is applied for separating and suspending the soil from the fibers of the rugs and carpets. The next step is hot water extraction using truck-mounted equipment for further cleaning. Grooming is necessary for restoring the pile of fibres to lift the appearance of the carpet. Finally, the carpet is thoroughly dried so that no damp clots are formed. Usually, without machines, carpets take long hours to dry on their own.

As a business owner, you should be concerned about the health of the people visiting your workplace. If your office is a place where children and pets visit on a regular basis, then you should have a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean it thoroughly. Your carpets function as a heavy duty absorber that collects allergens and germs and as a result, it becomes tired over time and must be cleaned deeply to remain effective.

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