Why Do You Need A Specilized Cleaning Agency

This is a really curious question. When a company already has a professional IFM company taking care of its needs then why one should hire another specialized cleaning agency. What’s the need for adding this service add-on. Well, the simple and straight answer to this question is – Regular cleaning is just not enough.

To understand this statement in a better manner, we must first understand where the gap exists. We are not implying that specialized cleaning services are alternative to regular IFM services that one uses. Specialized cleaning services are actually an addon or should we say a necessary addon to your regular IFM regime. 

Why Go Specialised? 

Your regular IFM agency can take care of things on a day to day basis. They are more inclined towards keeping things in a working mode. The housekeeping staff can ensure that everything is in the proper place. Regular sweeping of floors and other cleaning regimes are taken care of. They can also sweep the floors regularly. But all this is not enough. A specialized cleaning agency steps in to fill the void left from the regular housekeeping duties. If we speak about Hindustan Facilities, we do provide some of the best-specialized cleaning services in the country. 

Floor Care 

Regular IFM agency cannot take care of marble and granite stone floors as a specialized one. They can only clean and take care of the stone floors superficially. The fact is that stone floors require expert care and maintenance for them to provide long-lasting service. Cleaning stone floors require specialized equipment and training which just cannot be expected from regular IFM agency. 

Carpet Care 

A regular feature in modern offices is the wall to wall carpeting. These carpets look good but are also a big magnet for attracting dirt and germs. Over time mere vacuuming is just not sufficient to keep them clean. That’s why you require a specialized cleaning agency as they have the equipment and the expertise to keep things tidy and germ-free.

Sofa & Chair Cleaning  

Your office sofa and chairs are something which are harbingers of germs and dirt. This is one avenue where regular housekeeping is least effective. They just do not have the right training to deep clean the sofa and chairs of the office. This is something that should always be taken care of on priority. Here the role of a specialized cleaning agency is paramount. They have both the equipment and the expertise to handle such intensive tasks. These agencies also know how to apply special liquids to make your sofa and chair fabric water and spill-proof. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there is also an angle of deep cleaning. Now deep cleaning is a process that only a specialized cleaning agency can provide. Deep cleaning of the office is required to keep the space germ free and healthy. A deep cleaned office always results in lesser sick leaves and a healthy workforce. We all know the importance of having a peak performance team. Hence it’s safe to presume that every company requires a specialized cleaning agency on its roll.

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