Why people are preferring Green Carpet Cleaning

It is hardly a surprise that all kinds of carpet cleaning solutions, either professional or DIY, are the ones that employ various chemicals that are detrimental to the environment. Therefore an increasing number of people are resorting to Green cleaning and maintenance solutions for their carpets. Green Cleaning offers eco-friendly alternatives to traditional methods that are applied for spot removal from carpets. 

Salient features of Green Cleaning solutions of carpets :

The fee salient characteristics of Green cleaners or Green Cleaning solutions can be enumerated below. 

  • Green carpet cleaners might either be synthetic or homemade concoctions.
  • Even if Green cleaners are commercially available products or DIY stuff, they are free from toxic and harmful chemicals which their conventional carpet cleaning counterparts consist of. 
  • In addition to homemade Green cleaning solutions, other readymade green cleaning agents are also Earth-friendly and do not cause any negative effects on the environment. 
  • Green cleaners leave no spots or stains behind and their actions leave the carpets smelling with a nice fragrance and with a softer texture than before. 
  • Some of the Green carpet cleaners double duty as upholstery and clothing spot treaters and removers of objectionable odor as well.
  • Green carpet cleaners are good for health as well and do not cause dizziness, fatigue or nausea which might be linked with the after-effects of traditional carpet cleaners containing unhealthy and noxious chemicals. 

Why are traditional carpet cleaners being rejected by consumers :

Traditional carpet cleaners have extremely

 damaging effects. Perchloroethylene is one of the most commonly used chemicals, which proves to be an active ingredient in numerous dry carpet cleaning solutions. If inhaled accidentally, its effects may range from dizziness, fatigue, nausea and sometimes even unconsciousness, if inhaled in copious amounts. Another extremely popular chemical used in dry cleaning purposes is naphthalene, which can damage the human nervous system if inhaled in large quantities. Therefore, these dry carpet cleaning solutions are gradually being dismissed by the health conscious customer. These customers are increasingly tending towards Green carpet cleaning solutions. 

Different types of Green Carpet Cleaners and their actions :

The different types of Green Carpet cleaners and their individual actions are discussed below.


  • Homemade or DIY : The homemade or DIY green cleaning options can help people tackle stains effectively. These can be brewed at home or mixed from few ingredients available in the market. A nontoxic solution of vinegar and water helps taking care of stains and spots when sprayed on top of them after application of hot soapy water. More adamant stains can be dealt effectively with a mixture of vinegar, borax and salt. Pouring and rubbing Baking soda on stains and leaving it until drying, can remove them almost impeccably. 
  • Commercial Green cleaning agents : A number of commercial green cleaning supplies are available in the market which are plant-based instead of being chemical based, and therefore they are eco-friendly. These options work as effectively as detergent or solvents, but their use varies extensively.
  • Green Professional Carpet Cleaning options : Professional carpet cleaners are tending towards green options. Many companies are increasingly employing green cleaning as part of the general service that they offer. Some companies employ cleaning operations by the use of carbonated bubbles instead of chemicals, which prove to be extremely eco-friendly and successfully implement effective cleaning. 


Thus it has been undoubtedly proved that there are innumerable natural and environmentally friendly methods that can be employed for carpet cleaning and they range from homemade remedies to commercial products to professional services. 

These green cleaning options are environmentally friendly and are associated with the least amount of health risks, though they work as efficiently as traditional carpet cleaning options.

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