Why Stone Floorings In Office Requires Specialized Cleaning?

You enter through the doors of a posh commercial building and step forward to the spacious hall where the floor is made of red granite offering an opulent impression. The commercial buildings are often noted for their meticulous attention to every fine detail and luxury as it contributes in instilling a sense of dependence and trust with the clients and stakeholders. Even if your business is not able to invest in the best in class stone or marble finish, it should afford to invest in specialized cleaning to keep up the glamour and shine of the stone flooring.

Why is the floor so important?

Though cleaning services of all kinds is important in a commercial establishment, the condition of the floor mirrors the status and condition of the business. The shine that radiates from a stone floor after professional cleaning is one of the first things that any client would notice. Any unpleasant odours from uncleaned carpets or dust heaped up at the corners would definitely harm the image of the business. Also, in-house cleaning equipment becomes dirty over time and lack of maintenance makes it even more difficult to have a crystal shine through these products. If you have to depend on your employees for taking care of the cleaning, then it will distract them from their important duties and harm their morale to a great extent.

Cleaning and restoring the floors with the aid of professionals

The restoration and cleaning of the stone tiles within a commercial establishment is a specialized job which calls for a high degree of expertise, skills and knowledge. The composition of one stone is different from another and the procedures used in cleaning and restoring them are also not same. It is important to understand the difference between restoration and cleaning of stone floors in the first place.

Restoration of stone floor:

It refers to the process of resurfacing the stone floor and involves the use of specialized rotary machineries for grinding and polishing the upper surface of the stone tiles. The specific process employed for the surface is dependent on the desired amount of shine and finish. It is used for ruling out all kinds of imperfections from the appearance of the stone floor which is generally caused by regular wear and tear. Resurfacing is used for removing a minimal part of the upper surface of the stone to reveal its pristine look which has the glaze of the untouched stone underneath. This is used to restore the stone to its original new condition. The process of stone floor resurfacing is a bit costlier and time consuming than usual cleaning and is done by experts.

Cleaning of stone floor:

Professional cleaning of stone floors is a comprehensive and much involved procedure than what we normally think. There are several steps involved in the process such as preparing the space so that no skirting, doors, walls and furniture are harmed. Then the existing sealer is stripped off the floor with the help of professional stripping products. The stone floor is then thoroughly cleaned with the aid of high pressure van and rotary agitation machines. After that the floor is checked by the expert and then, a new coat of professional grade sealer is applied and if required, a number of coats are applied. Though these steps are much cheaper than the traditional restoration process, it cannot be achieved by an unprofessional person. It is the most effective means of giving the floor a thoroughly clean look and the use of sealer not only saves the floor from damage but also enhances its colour. Most of the reputed floor cleaners use premium quality stone sealer which can deeply impregnate the pores of the floor and protect it from high traffic for many years.

Choosing between restoration and cleaning

As a business owner, you will always want your office to be at its beauty’s best. The most difficult dilemma that you will face with stone floors is whether you should go for restoration or surface cleaning. As an inexperienced in this matter, it would be very difficult for you or your employees to decide which one is most suited for your office floor. But when you have an experienced and adept professional by your side, there is nothing that you need to worry about. They will inspect the floor in detail to see whether you will need resurfacing or cleaning and offer you a quote so that you can consider whether it is suited for you, rather than taking hasty decisions.

There are a number of factors which cast their impact on the required process and the experts will take into account all of them to decide what’s best suited for your office flooring. In most cases, stone floor cleaning is all that is required to achieve fantastic results. It is a very time and cost effective alternative to thorough restoration.

The results of employing various cleaning methods are extremely effective in shoving off deep seated dirt from the floor. But it is important to keep realistic expectations and understand that natural stone flooring tends to lose its original glimmer with the passage of time, no matter how well it is maintained. If the stone floor is required to endure high amounts of foot traffic, then it is quite natural that it will become dull and even get some scratches. If your office floor has not been cleaned for a long time and dirt has heavily built up, professional cleaning can easily remove the debris and staining leaving behind the lustre of the original floor.

Cleaner offices are not just satisfying to work in but also leads to better employee retention and improved relation with the customers. Moreover, it also ensures that your stone flooring is taken proper care of which reduces the unwanted cost of replacement over time. Finally, when you deploy specialized cleaning for your office floor, it will keep the glare of the floor intact and it shall never be subjected to any kind of damage or affliction.

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