Winter Maintenance for you granite floor

As the chilly winds start blowing with all its might, keeping your indoor and outdoor area clean can seem an overwhelming task. When you are blessed with the expansive outdoor living area covered with granite, there are certain tips that would keep up the health of your granite floor.

Cleaning the floor regularly:

Cleaning your floor on a daily basis is one of the preliminary ways to maintain it. You should clean up any soils or spills from the floor surface without wasting any time. If you have polished granite or marble that has a floor finish over it, you should buff or burnish it in the first place for protecting the surface. You should clean the floor with a soft cloth or mop and warm water mixed with a natural stone cleaner. You should strictly avoid usage of steel wool, powdered, cultured granite or marbles, cleansers or scrub pads. When you are cleaning granite or marble floors, it is better not to use any product containing dye since it can transfer to the stone easily. Also, grit may scratch the upper surface of the granite and therefore, it’s better to use salt in place of grit. Though it might leave back a white residue, it will be completely washed off in the monsoon.

Sealing the countertop:

One of the crucial steps to maintain the outdoor granite cover is to seal them properly. Keeping the granite countertops in good condition is hugely dependent on the quality of sealants. In case your countertop is exposed to snowfall, you should seal the countertop at regular intervals. This is because continuous exposure to moisture only wears out the top layer of sealant. And it goes without saying that moisture is bad for countertops. So regardless of whether your floor or countertop is made of quartzite or marble or granite, you should make it a point to seal them.

Blow away debris and all that sits on your floor:

Caring for granite floor outdoors is slightly different from that indoors. All those autumn leaves and debris that resides on your floor must be swept away. When you allow the leaves to rest and rot over your granite floor, it will become much harder to clean later on. The mould will become a breeding place for small animals and insects. Even if they won’t be able to damage stone, they can burrow the granite over time and this will leave long-lasting trouble in the seasons to come. Also, you should remove any plant or moss growing on the cracks of your granite floor much before they can establish themselves. 

Your granite floors can still survive a bit of neglect compared to the wooden surface. This is because the stone floor can withstand moisture and sun. Granite floors can easily stay fine for a decade without much hefty maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you will not take enough measures to maintain them. All problems pertaining to stone floor can be tackled easily when you take half an hour of time once a month to care for your granite floor.

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