Is regular housekeeping sufficient?

There are two kind of services available in the market when it comes to managing the housekeeping duties of your facility. One is the regular service and then there is specialized cleaning services.The question that would come into one’s mind is  isn’t the regular housekeeping staff already keeping my place clean? Yes they are that’s their job, but the question that crops up here is that, Is it sufficient? The sad answer is no!

Why? Because there are many germs and pathogens which cannot be sorted by regular housekeeping. Only specialized cleaning can take care of it. Take for example your office carpets.

Do you know how dirty your office carpet is ?

Here are some stats available on internet.

  • 90% of people admit to spilling food on the carpet and eating it. If your carpets are dirty, just think about what you are actually putting into your stomach. Forget that five-second rule. Bacteria can live for up to four weeks in carpeting, and if there is any in yours, which there likely is, that bacteria is going to get on your food.
  • 75% of people admit to walking on their carpets while wearing their outdoor shoes. This not only tracks dirt into the house, it also grinds it into the carpets, and vacuuming alone isn’t going to get rid of it.
  • 70% of people admit to moving furniture around to cover stains in their carpets rather than clean the stains. Spills should be cleaned immediately, to prevent stains from forming. If there are stains, stop moving your furniture around and call a professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of them.

Hope the number do the talking here. I think it’s sufficient to make anyone realise how dirty things really are. Carpets are really dirt and pathogen magnets. Regular cleaning is just not sufficient for them. They would always require specialist carpet cleaning and care. Professional carpet cleaning also enhances the life of the carpets.

Other places which are really dirty!

Human bacteria can recolonize a bathroom within an hour of it being cleaned. And those microbes can survive for hours after humans have left, too. Restrooms may look clean but they are full of pathogens. In one study scientists also found that human fecal bacteria are also found on toothbrush in the restrooms. Once you flush the toilet these bacterias fly around the bathroom and sit on many places.

Multipurpose cleaners are used to clean the restrooms of the offices and the hotels. Wiping off the floor is done to remove its dust particles and the dribbles. Deep cleaning ensures the proper cleaning of the corners and around the edges. Doors and windows made up of glass are washed with the help of distilled white vinegar and the spots on it can be easily removed by sprinkling baking soda and scrubbing it properly. This is generally not done by the regular housekeeping staff and we do require special cleaning of these places too.

Pantry and Common Areas

Pantry is where is the food is. Wherever there is food, maintaining hygiene is vital. We have to carefully clean the area as food has a tendency to get contaminated. All the racks and containers are washed properly. A scrub is used to clean the basin with the help of disinfectant to kill its bacterias and germs. At last, all the appliances and the counterparts are cleaned with cleaning wipes that we generally miss out at the time of cleaning.One of the aspects of this infrastructure is the floor that indirectly catches the attention of the visitor. So it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and the hygiene of the floor.

Dust particles can easily be trapped in the carpeted floor and the hard surfaces would look scuffed if they are not cleaned properly. Permanent and temporary stains can also degrade the image of an organization. All the cushions, couches and sofas should be cleaned properly.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

We are sure that the information furnished above is sufficient to amplify the need of a specialized and deep cleaning service. The truth is that regular housekeeping is a must but it cannot act as a substitute for deep cleaning & specialized cleaning services.

1. One-time deep cleaning ensures the cleanliness of your place.

2. Post interior setup cleaning helps to make the environment dust free.

3.Cleaning post-move-in or move-out

4. It is available for commercial & residential premises.

We hope that the above mentioned benefits will entice and make one understand the importance of specialized housekeeping services.

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