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Welcome to the world of pristine floors where every step you take resonates with shine and care. Specializing in marble and granite floor treatments, our services span across India, offering comprehensive solutions tailored for these luxurious materials. With professional floor cleaning, not only is the aesthetic preserved but also the longevity of your investment. Step into a realm where each tile tells the tale of elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

Understanding Floor Types: Marble and Granite

Characteristics of Marble

Marble, the cornerstone of regal architecture, is revered for its delicate veining and soft color palette. Originating from the deepest quarries, this metamorphic rock lends a touch of sophistication to any space. Predominantly used in flooring, marble’s porous nature makes it susceptible to staining, necessitating regular professional care to maintain its lustrous appearance.

Characteristics of Granite

In contrast, granite stands as the epitome of strength. This igneous stone forms from cooled lava and is speckled with naturally occurring grains. Known for its robustness, granite is a popular choice for high-traffic areas. While it is more resistant to damage, periodic professional maintenance ensures it continues to dazzle beneath your feet.

Why Professional Floor Cleaning?

Choosing professional over DIY floor cleaning can make a world of difference. Professionals employ specialized equipment and advanced techniques that go far beyond the capabilities of standard home cleaning methods.

Equipment and Techniques Used

The arsenal of professional floor cleaners includes industrial-grade machines and pH-neutral cleaning solutions specifically designed for marble and granite. Techniques such as diamond pad polishing not only enhance the floor’s shine but also protect its surface from everyday wear and tear.

The Expertise of Professionals

When it comes to maintaining opulent surfaces like marble and granite, the expertise of trained professionals is unparalleled. Their skill in handling complex cleaning situations ensures that the natural beauty of the stone flooring is always highlighted, while extending its life and vitality.

Detailed Floor Cleaning Services

Offering an array of specialized floor care solutions, the services cater to both marble and granite surfaces, ensuring they receive the attention and treatment they deserve.

Service Breakdown

Marble Floor Polishing and Restoration

Marble requires periodic polishing to keep its reflective sheen. The polishing process involves several steps:

  • Grinding: The first step removes scratches and stains using industrial diamonds.
  • Honing: Smoothing the surface with finer grits to prepare for high polish.
  • Polishing: Achieving a high gloss finish that highlights the stone’s natural veining.

Granite Floor Polishing

Granite polishing restores its original sparkle and smooths out any roughness, using techniques tailored to its denser composition:

  • Cleaning: Thoroughly washing the granite surface to remove dirt and residues.
  • Polishing: Employing finer abrasives until the desired gloss is achieved.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Every floor is unique; thus, treatments are customized based on the floor’s condition and the client’s needs, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction.

Service Process

Assessment and Consultation

Each service begins with a detailed assessment of the flooring to determine the best course of action. This involves inspecting the surface for damage, measuring areas, and discussing expectations with the client.

On-Site Procedures

Professional teams are equipped to handle various challenges, adapting their methods to the floor type and room configuration. They ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Post-Service Maintenance

After polishing, clients receive advice on maintaining the floor’s appearance through proper care techniques and suitable cleaning products.

Why Hindustan Facilities – The best professional floor cleaning services In India

  • Nationwide Service: No matter where you are in India, these services are just a call away, ready to bring professional floor care right to your doorstep.
  • Trained and Certified Professionals: Each technician is thoroughly trained, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to handle premium floor materials.
  • Advanced Technology and Methods: Utilizing the latest in floor care technology guarantees superior results that are both visible and lasting.

Benefits of Regular Professional Cleaning

Regular professional cleaning is not just about aesthetics; it offers numerous advantages that help preserve your flooring investment over time.

Aesthetic Preservation

Regular cleaning maintains the pristine condition of marble and granite, enhancing the overall look of your space. The beauty of well-cared-for floors goes beyond mere appearance; it reflects a sense of pride and cleanliness.

Durability and Longevity

Floors are susceptible to dirt, grit, and other abrasive substances that can degrade their surfaces over time. Professional cleaning removes these harmful substances and applies protective sealants, thus extending the floor’s life.

Health Benefits

Clean floors mean healthier living spaces. Dust and allergens are regularly removed with professional cleaning, which is especially beneficial for those with allergies or respiratory issues.


While there is an upfront cost to professional floor cleaning, the long-term savings are significant. Maintaining floors with regular professional care prevents the need for more drastic measures like full-scale restoration or complete replacement.

What to Expect: Before, During, and After Service

Navigating through the process of professional floor cleaning is straightforward, but knowing what to expect at each stage can help you prepare and ensure the best results.

Initial Consultation

Information You Provide

  • Type of flooring: Whether your floors are marble, granite, or another material.
  • Age and condition of floors: How long it’s been since the last cleaning and the current state of your floors.
  • Size and layout of areas to be cleaned: Detailed information will help in planning and quoting.

What to Expect

  • Assessment: A professional will visit your premises to examine the floors and discuss your needs.
  • Quote: Based on the assessment, you will receive a detailed quote outlining the scope of work and the expected cost.

During the Service


Professionals will arrive equipped with the necessary machinery and products. The process generally involves:

  • Setup: Preparing and protecting the surrounding areas to avoid damage.
  • Cleaning and Polishing: Executing the determined steps discussed during the consultation, with attention to detail and precision.


  • Duration: The time taken can vary based on the floor size and the specific treatments required but expect the team to be efficient and thorough.
  • Scheduling: Services are typically scheduled at your convenience to minimize disruption to your daily activities.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Preparation: Clearing the furniture or any obstructions before the team arrives.
  • Access: Providing clear access to the areas being treated.

After the Service


  • Quality check: Professionals will do a walk-through with you to ensure the cleaning meets your expectations.
  • Advice: You will receive tips on how to maintain the floor’s appearance until the next service.


  • Feedback: Your feedback is encouraged to improve service and ensure satisfaction.
  • Support: Customer service teams are available to answer any subsequent questions or concerns.

FAQs About Floor Cleaning Services

To assist potential clients in their decision-making process, here are some frequently asked questions about professional floor cleaning services:

What is the frequency of cleaning recommended for marble and granite floors?

Regular cleaning and periodic polishing are recommended at least once a year to maintain the aesthetic appeal and durability of the floors.

Can deep scratches and stains be removed?

Yes, most scratches and stains can be effectively removed or significantly diminished through professional cleaning and polishing techniques.

Are the cleaning products safe for pets and children?

Only non-toxic, pH-neutral products are used, ensuring safety for all occupants, including pets and children.

What measures are taken to protect my property during cleaning?

All areas surrounding the cleaning space are adequately protected with drop cloths or similar materials to prevent any accidental splashes or damage.

Why Choose Hindustan Facilities Expert Floor Cleaning Services?

When it comes to selecting a floor cleaning service, several factors make our offerings stand out from the crowd. Our commitment to quality, nationwide reach, and consistent customer satisfaction define our standard of excellence.

Commitment to Quality

Our use of state-of-the-art technology and techniques ensures that each project is handled with the utmost precision and care. We believe that quality should never be compromised, which is why we only employ the most efficient and effective methods available in the industry today.

Reach and Reliability

With services available across India, our reach extends far and wide, ensuring that no matter where you are located, you have access to top-tier floor cleaning services. Our teams are timely and professional, providing reliable service that you can count on.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust

We pride ourselves on the trust and satisfaction we build with our clients. Our comprehensive service package guarantees that your floors will look their best, while our transparent communication and support ensure a smooth and satisfactory customer experience.

Are your marble or granite floors in need of some attention?

Whether you’re dealing with dullness, scratches, or general wear and tear, our professional floor cleaning services are here to help. Don’t let the beauty of your floors fade away!

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