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There are certain things that you should keep in mind for maximizing your investment in cleaning while moving away from the unnecessary issues. This is very important for the facility managers since time and labor constitute about 70 to 80 percent of the total cost of cleaning while its required products comprise less than 10 percent.

  1. Get the jobs written: The reputed cleaning companies from around the world provide written regular job assignments for every custodian with special tasks at regular intervals so that the whole thing can be integrated into the daily job assignment.
  2. Are the workers ready? One of the major causes of missing working days and injury at work for cleaning professionals is musculoskeletal problems like an injury to the knee, shoulder, and back. The common misconception is that the workers are prone to injury only when they are exposed to chemicals or other harmful objects. But pushing a vacuum cleaner all through the day or moving furniture for cleaning or lifting heavy objects can be harmful to the body when done on a day to basis. The best organizational practice include checking whether the whole team of cleaning professionals is at the best of their health to carry out their regular jobs effortlessly.
  3. Are the necessary changes addressed? Though regular planned cleaning jobs need to be done, it is important that the organization should identify any changes and address them at the earliest. It might include special requirements from the clients, lack of weather-related problems, breakdown of machinery or equipment and other such issues should find a place in the daily cleaning plan.
  4. Are there adequate tools and other supplies?  A reputed organization is armed with all the materials required for performing the tasks. One can never say that it is the fault of the workers if they are not supplied with the right equipment and materials. It only reflects the lack of proper planning on part of the facility managers. It is important to pay attention to the use of chemicals, plastic liners, paper products and other such tools to ensure that they are ready at the beginning of the day.
  5. Is there a proper storage area for keeping the equipment and cleaning products? It is one of the primary traits of the best facility managers to organize the storage areas in such a manner that no time is wasted in finding the required supplies. It is particularly crucial when there is an emergency situation or if a problem has cropped up. Besides general organizing, it is important to keep in mind that the cleaning supplies are stored in the right way so that there is no problem in handling heavy items. As a facility manager, you will want to comply with the eco-friendly regulations and so you should check the basic information of all the products before using them in the organization.
  6. Are the cleaning equipment themselves clean? It is the responsibility of the organizations to ensure that all the materials are properly cleaned for reducing any contamination across the building. The mops, buckets, vacuum cleaners and everything else should be kept clean by replacing or emptying the filtration bags from time to time.
  7. Is there adequate evaluation? The best cleaning organization should always strive to improve themselves by addressing the issues on a regular basis. There should be a constant evaluation of how things went, where it needs improvement, what needs to be changed and how the issues can be fixed in the coming days.

Though none of these points have any rocket science in them, still they are often overlooked in many organizations. These tips are devised in such a manner that they can efficiently remove time wastage and help in better execution of the jobs. When you are mindful of these easy to achieve tips, you will be able to deliver much cleaner and healthier working conditions within the organization. 

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