What are the sustainable advantages to encapsulation cleaning of carpets

Though carpets are objects which are necessarily used for beautification and enhancing the appearance of the indoor spaces in buildings, they can pose to be objects of huge concern. This is because often it is found that carpets become the habitat for microbes, molds, mildew, fungi, and spores apart from the dirt, dust, particles of soil, and the like that gets deposited on it. Proper cleaning methods should be employed to free the carpet of the dirt and dust as well as the harmful pathogenic substances which are capable enough to degrade the indoor air quality and create health concerns in humans and pets alike, who reside in close vicinity of those carpets. 

Encapsulation cleaning :

Encapsulation cleaning of carpets employs the usage of encapsulation polymers to take care of any staining or spillage that has occurred on the carpet surface. The encapsulation polymer, when applied on that portion; captures the objectionable particle from the surface of the carpet, forms a fluid mass along with it, and can be removed from the surface of the carpet by brushing it off or by the use of dry towels and cloth. Thus encapsulation cleaning is defined as an extremely effective method of carpet cleaning and maintenance and could be applied from time to time to magnify the nature and the appearance of the carpet. Encapsulation cleaning of carpets is not as thorough as deep cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning but works with similar effect if the proper chemicals are employed in the operation. 

Sustainable advantages to encapsulation cleaning of carpets :

Whatever operations we employ in our daily lives, we should be responsible enough to check their sustainable effects. These operations should necessarily be environment-friendly and also lead to the development of a better society as well as fortify the economic conditions of the community. If these three criteria are satisfied, it is implied that the operations performed are sustainable enough. 

Encapsulation cleaning is essentially a cleaning operation which employs the least usage of water or, in other words, is a low-moisture cleaning method. Encapsulation cleaning operations have a much lesser impact on the environment. Experimental results have testified to the fact. These results display the statistics that cleaning a 1000 square feet commercial space by employing encapsulation cleaning operations uses only 3 gallons of water in comparison to the 25 to 30 gallons of water which are used during other cleaning operations. Moreover, encapsulation cleaning methods use less energy. It has been observed that cleaning a carpet by the use of the encapsulation cleaning method employs 70% less water and less heat. Therefore, the encapsulation cleaning operations of carpets conserve both water, fuel, and energy. Usage of less water implies that the drying time is faster and hence excess energy is not expended during the additional drying operations. 

Therefore encapsulation cleaning operations save the additional usage of energy and fuel in cleaning and drying operations as well as the excess usage of water in carpet cleaning regimes. Moreover, this reduces the wear and tear of machinery and equipment which could be alternatively used in cleaning and drying operations. Therefore, keeping these sustainable advantages in mind, it is advisable that all interim cleaning and rapid cleaning operations of carpets should use encapsulation methods. 

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