Best Tips To Protect Your Office Carpets

Which is the largest area of a commercial building? It is definitely the floors which are often covered by rugs and carpets to uplift the appearance of the commercial setting. But commercial carpets are prone to collecting much dirt and debris within a short span of time owing to high foot traffic that they are exposed to every day. Keeping the carpets clean in an office setting might seem to be a difficult task, but the time and effort is definitely worth it. It will not just keep the office free from allergens and dust mites but also manifest a positive impression of the business place in front of clients, employees and other visitors.

When it comes to the carpets, regular maintenance and constant care is the best way to ensure that the carpet keeps on looking healthy.

Here are some of the most effective ways by which you can protect your office carpets:

Taking preventive measures: It goes without saying that prevention is always easier than having to make repairs. There are several ways by which a user can prevent damage to the office carpets and keep them looking fabulous for many years.

Laying them properly: You should lay rugs both outside and inside the office doors which lead towards exit. Make sure that you have placed tough and rugged rugs on the outside which are meant to endure all the harsh elements and act as a space where people can wipe off their shoes before coming in. On the other hand, you should also place another rug inside the doors for more wiping and accumulating dust that comes with foot traffic before the visitors can finally step into your high-priced carpets. The rugs should be of high quality and heavy duty so that they can shed off all dust and debris when a person steps on them.

Dragging is a big NO-NO: You should never drag furniture or any other office equipment over the carpet. Many people make this mistake and it causes damage of the padding under the carpet. In case there are some areas in the office where you have to move the equipment regularly, you should add plastic mats or rugs for shielding the carpet and make the movement much smoother. If the employees in the office use chairs having wheels, plastic mats can be placed under them for protecting the carpet. It will make it much easier to push chairs all around the floor wherever required.

Preventing spills: Everyone knows that drink spills can damage and even cause permanent stain on the carpet. So, you must do everything required to prevent such mishaps. Though it is not possible to control if people eats within your office premises, you can always encourage your employees to eat in some specific areas which are not susceptible to such damage. For instance, you can install hardwood floors and tiles in break rooms and install some tables and chairs for making it a perfect location for lunch break.

Regular cleaning: You should keep your office premises clean with a vacuum cleaner and use attachments for cleaning the corners of the carpets thoroughly. Besides, professional cleaning is also required for treating stains and removing deep seated dust within the fibres of the carpet.

No matter how much you try to keep the carpets clean, the best way to protect them is to hire an expert for deep cleaning the carpet by using various professional techniques. Merely vacuuming it every week will definitely play a part in keeping it alright, but when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your carpets, nothing can beat the effectiveness of professional cleaning.

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