Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Stone Floor

Stone floors are great features at your office, they add the much needed glamour. Stone floors apart from looking good also provide the much needed protection and hygiene to the workplace. Although stone floors are pretty sturdy to begin with but they are not damage proof.

Moving heavy objects over them or even using the wrong cleaning agents can damage them in a major way. This could result in chipping, complete breakage or even leak damage to the floor.

A floor doesn’t have to be completely broken to need repair. If it has sustained water damage, it may have curled up on the edges, the middle may have bulged or it may be stained. All of these problems are correctable. You can correct a broken floor by sanding it with a palm sander. After removing the finish, you can get water stains out with a saturated solution of oxalic acid crystals and water. Other stains will probably come out with chlorine or peroxide bleach. After making the repair, simply stain and refinish the board. This point is however more suited to hardwood floors rather than stone floors. But still is a handy tip while going for the repair work.

When the damage to a floor is severe enough to cause it crack, chip or splinter, the repair isn’t as easy. Whereas you can usually repair a crack by spreading glue into it and clamping the floor/tile together, there aren’t any available edges on a floor on which to hook the clamp. If the edges are splintering, you may be able to glue them down, but it’s a risky strategy. Any part of the splinter that still protrudes may end up in someone’s toe. In general, when a floor is broken, the two most viable options are to fill it or replace it.

The most effective way to repair a cracked floor without replacing it is to fill the crack with epoxy filler. Unlike latex- or solvent-based wood fillers, epoxy filler bonds to the wood, and it will prevent the crack from widening. It’s important to choose the color carefully because you can’t stain epoxy filler. If the crack is deep, you’ll probably need two applications, since the first one will probably form a depression. Spread the filler with a stiff, flat applicator, and be sure to wipe off the excess before it sets, or you’ll end up sanding the wood to get it off.
Source: SF Gate

How Professional Floor Maintenance & Cleaning Can Help?

Professional floor cleaning is the term which is widely accepted by the markets, however we prefer to call this service as professional floor maintenance service. They say that prevention is better than cure. It is very true in case of floor care also.

A professional floor cleaner company can help you identify the problem areas in your floor ontime. It also ensures that your floor is as clean as it can get. A professional floor cleaning company knows which cleaning agent would suit which floor. The complexity of the cleaning operation and use of the right equipment is also a major factor which only a professional specialized cleaning company can take care of. In the long run hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaner will save you a lots of time and money.

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